LOWER FACE LIFT (Facial Exercises with a Spoon) - YouTube

These facial exercises with a spoon are unique. They will not only firm and lift your lower face, but they'll prevent bone loss in the upper and lower jaw. And they can reverse the "sunken-mouth" look, a sign of old age. It’s just plain hard to follow real-people videos presenting facial exercises. The more personal, the harder it is to go back to it every day. What I’ve found more comfortable, more effective than a live human video is one wherein a 3-D model performs an exercise routine. No chatter—just the minimum commentary as you go along. Her name is ESMERALDA. You can call her any other name you like, because she is collectively everyone of us. Watch her daily for days to come, and exercise your facial muscles with her. For more beauty and anti-aging tips visit my website:

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