LOL Punk Boi Family Barbie Pool Routine with LOL Vacay Baby Family - YouTube

Lol families go to the swimming pool for a fun summer routine! The punk boi family and the vacay baby family have some fun under the sun! The kids swim with their floaties! Go on the water slide, even go diving and find nemo! They eat yummy snacks . The babies also play with the sand and the toddlers pretend play! LOL Punk Boi Family Morning Routine- Custom LOL Surprise Barbie DollsMore LOL surprise families :LOL Punk Boi Family Moves into the Barbie Dollhouse - Custom Barbie DIY & Rement ToysDoll Family LOL Surprise Baby Morning Routine - Toddler Bedroom and Baby NurseryDoll Family LOL Surprise Baby Supermarket Routine - Miniature Grocery Shopping CartDoll Family LOL Surprise Baby Bedtime Night Routine - Barbie Dollhouse & Grocery ShoppingDoll Family LOL Surprise Play Date in The Playground


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Step brother: lets playyy

Al Lee

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Mike Hater

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Kevin Leach

hi guru I just want to say that i love your vids and i hope you keep getting more subscribers

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Favourite channel

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P aul

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Billy Eggers

how do you guys get so excited!? haha

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6:03 “what america did you grow up in?” had me dead.


I thought her step mom would rlly be her bio mom like if u thought so too

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Who is lgbt+ here watching this video?


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E3 this year is pretty much DLC and mobile games. Why even hold a conference if you don't have anything interesting to showcase?

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