The scam presents itself pretty quickly and you never get past the fake messages.
Phone Conversations, i never got close to having a phone conversation on m and neither will you.
Since this prostitute line site is a fucking waste of time and money, are there any others that you recommend that wont rip me off?Absurd Cost of Joining.Although you will have to mind that meeting someone or hooking up for sex could always lead to finding true love.This is the main incentive that they give you to join.Luckily, they give you enough warning signs and asking for your credit card information right away is the first one.After you pay for a membership, you never hear from these women again.39.93 will be charged to your account.They are programmed to automatically be sent to users to encourage them to continue to use the site.Your ideal partner could be someone you met online for a casual encounter at first.39.95 will be charged to your account by m and finally.97 will be charged to your account.Check out the cost section of this review to find out exactly how much will be stolen from you if you are foolish enough to enter your credit card information on this site.There are a lot of scam dating sites out there but this is among the worst.There are few scam sites on the internet that are as deceitful and unscrupulous.The messages and chat requests come from very attractive women who seem very interested in chatting with you and possibly hooking.Dont get tricked in because sandusky escorts of the nude photos you received, its all a con to get you to give them your credit card info.

If you want a chance.This credit card information has to be entered before you even enter the site to prove that you are.You will never even chat with a real person online much less meet a real person.So thanks to people having such busy social lives and time consuming professions and hobbies that it leaves almost no time unwind and relax.I dont think I have ever seen a site that is so blatant in its lack of authenticity.BUT everyone needs SEX, right?
You should always read the terms and conditions of any dating site before you spend money.
Fake Messaging at m, as you can see when you look at the terms of service on this site, its clear as day that everything is fake.