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Christ chris

i didnt know just cause 3 was set in italy

WizardJohn Gaming

Heartwarming!! Dylan is awesome!


My grandpa died, today, this hour, this minute.. this second.

Miguel Ayala

Where are you at McNuggets you piece of shit... I'm going to kick your ass.... that is after Khabib puts me in check.

MagicGirl tv


Go Home

He kinda looks like Tadashi from big hero 6 😂😂😂

Someone chant with me

1 teaspoon baking soda Pinching girls butts

Ruby Rodriguez

It said minute videos the is 11 minutes

Frank Majors


Now that is mah opinion, and mah opinion is NOT fact. If you think CoD, Doom, Unreal, Gears of War, Golden Eye, TF2, and what have you is the best, that's fine.  No need to argue, for we all play videos games for enjoyment and fun, and as gamers, we shouldn't ruin the fun for others. 


Have u used crossbiw in pubg

Julianne Renée

Holy crap there's other Elementals there's other Elementals!!!

US: Oh hell no get out NOW


Nice guys

Dewayne Caudill

Panda is one of the cameramans


nate herama

damn they always go back to the sayian saga why dont they start from the cell saga or do super instead supers got more than enough story to fill up a game

The Self Adjectated Gender

1:01 I mean,its a downright stupid job but it keeps your paystub in check,right?

Gee Quiy


Queen-Wolfie Games

Man....I feel bad for you I know how you feel of losing someone you loved and not the best person as they could ever be but I’m glad your life is getting better and I hope that made you feel better to get it off your chest

VRF Terror Tube

kkkkkkkkkkk i am braziliam mai neime is maely kkkkkkkkkkk

Akemi Arima

i love your videos, they made me realize a bunch of stuff, and your voice is super sweet 💖

Tea SiS

(No hate)how did the girl that has a daughter have a kid in a week did she adopt ?

Mike Schunko

ending: nope!!

lyubov demchuk

Can you review Jeffrey Starr’s new make up, jaw breaker collection


Ah, another Countdown video from Guru. I always look forward to when you upload new videos, I find them really entertaining. Keep up the good work!

Angel Garibay

Remember when this channel was about water bottle flips?

Brandon Da GOD44

Do a dirt bike stereotypes

Tense_ YT

U know ur rich when u rip ur court


Lol gray was moving the pen so fast at 14:42 that his whole head was vibrating


oh no its 6/10

Annabelle Hunter

i only came across this a 4 months ago and almost seen every video you are the best

Jonathan Hancock


I know the whole team could relate


Bf is fucking epic...cod has nothing epic...only explosions and chaos that u dont understand a fuck

Jennifer Mangum


Thomas Haas

green team sucks

Ángel Gómez

The ball of the child in up appears in Toy Story


Where's garret

Idate Wang


Again Me:(if their is no food around me and their are no wrappers around me) oh god I haven’t eaten anything got to eat something 😏😏

You Mad Bro?

I love your channel bro! Thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into these. Most of these I never even knew existed!!! :P

cool slav

Outbreak 2

Evan RO

if yo think thay bad ass in a savege way like thise

Its yo boi

I'm mad at polo bc he burnt my house down with this song🔥💯

Elijah Aylward

hey tyler, laugh!

Charlene Mäusl

He is a great talent. A very humble soul :)

Alex Rich

WAIT THERE IS A PERSON INSIDE PANDA???No no it's just blood blurred out

Adam Stewart

What was that audio in the beginning? I recognise it, but WHAT IS THAT.

Savier Torres

Olaf lost his nose!🥕Like to get it back so Olaf will be happy again👇🏽

Vinson Martin

I’m all of them above! Like if u agree

Vinny Raptor

Here's a better definition of ASMR