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With allusions to previous MCU movies and references to comics that haven't made their way to the big screen, Avengers: Endgame reminds Marvel fans that the people behind the camera are just as enthusiastic as the ones filling the seats. Here are some lines in Avengers: Endgame that were more important than you may have realized.If you saw Avengers: Endgame in a packed theater, then the moment Thor's hammer Mjolnir flies into Captain America's hand probably inspired one of the loudest and most enthusiastic responses from the audience. If not, then it's at least met with enthusiasm from Thor himself, who yells "I knew it!" as he spots Cap threatening Thanos with the legendary weapon.So what did Thor mean by "I knew it?" In an early scene in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor gives the rest of the team permission to try to lift Mjolnir. Thor sits back, confident none of his mere mortal teammates will prove worthy to wield the hammer… until Steve Rogers gives it a shot. That brief nudge, and past comic book stories in which Cap has proven worthy of Mjolnir, left some fans theorizing that Cap could've lifted the hammer but chose not to in order to spare his teammate any humiliation. Apparently, the Odinson was one of those fans. When Thor yells "I knew it!" he betrays that he thought Cap was faking way back in 2015 as well. And how couldn't he? Cap's as worthy as they come.Watch the video for more lines in Endgame that are more important than you realized!#Avengers #AvengersEndgame #EndgameI knew it! | 0:16Made for this | 1:18Strange future | 2:18Stopping Tony | 3:23Avengers... Assemble! | 4:24You're so big! | 5:12Clint! Give it to me! | 6:07Hail Hydra | 7:06Asgardians of the Galaxy | 8:08Moving on | 9:06

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Adding onto the idea of the Saw reference, the point where you have to choose to save either Ashley or Josh could be a reference to Saw 6 where the main character has to choose between saving a middle aged woman and a young healthy man when presented with the decision, the young man is killed. A bit of a stretch but that's my idea.

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