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AZ Upload

Should keep the beard

alexander creator

On the first trick shot why did Cody say we can all still have children


Loved the hitchhikers guide reference, I loved that movie

Lissette Rodriguez


manasi nikam

Rc boat race


If you help Tracey when she calls you to help with her stalker. You drive her car to find him. If you look at her license plate it says "P3RSEUS". Perseus was one of the clothing stores in GTA 4. Does that count?

Moises Banegas

So mean to panda

Charlie Dixon

these dudes are the spawn of something. That is insane. Nice going,. you guys are siiiiiiiick

Signs (the humor and tone)

Kaiyuan Chen

DP runnin outta ideas


Right now i'm in the movies watching this movie my friend wants to watch But i'm watching this because of how boring the movie is. PS i'm eating The ice cream that they have in the movie theatre

Chaining Tatum

SchoolBoy Q, Madvillan AND Tyler the Creator?!? Guru just gained my respect

kendall hafford

Roses are red blood is to touch me again I will end u

the jabawakie bros Lopez

can you tell them if i can barrow the place i have a youtube and i skate and the place looks so cool to skateboard there but im only 10 but my parents will be there

Delaney Souppa

Honestly, is there a tennis stereotypes?!?

Windy Slimes

She should have just been nicer what a brat

Nathaniel Vasquez

Dam coach noice roasts

Chris Daniel

Were the twin towers metal frame made of magnesium?

Precious Igbokwe

The title is so misleading

Helen-Lynn Malcolm

This is wizardardry

Liam Feeney



team coby

Chavez Vlogs

How is the high speed nutmeg a trick shot these people don't even know what a trick shot is

Edit: I will tell the others when(and if) I get permission from the people these happend to.


The Hillary face. Cant unsee it now

Mia Inlander

is this a new disneyland ride or something?

Heather Downing

slow clap


if left on read was real

Samsung Khan

I love all bro

Day Cg

And I thought not having two kidneys was a lacking life experience

Case_ Quarter

Least popular vid

Nini Kisses

This is a very touching story!

and I was like "jesus...why..."

Spark Light



Why can PC players customize the specific parts of their guns?

Matheus Souza

hold my beer...


What is your PSN?

Braylon Sipin


Lee Ning Reaction

Big fan of RE and Easter Eggs videos so I was pleasantly surprised to see some I hadn't seen before.


I know she probably likes a different style but Halle kills in a short cut. Halle can clean those wings and that's what happens when the diet goes out the window. LOL

Alec Diverde

Are you ducking serious. This is a dirt bike battle? Fucking children


+FunWithGuru what are you thinking to do in the next video ??

Luis Aguilar

Wait ive seen this one before

Pachuen Kamonprapasawat

The worst Rage Monster scene EVER!


Durant is doing the same thing that he's done 4 years ago sitting in that chair


I had it for 2 months once. Not as bad as 5 though. But on my first period, I went to the hospital. When I had it for 2 months, it was my second period 😱

Karen Castro

its cool tyler