Letting The Person in Front of Me Decide What I Eat for 24 Hours - YouTube

For 24 hours I will be following a random stranger in a drive thru and letting them decide what I eat by copying their order... This is what happened next.SUBSCRIBE.FOLLOW ME:Instagram: @miastammerTwitter: @MamaMiaMakeupSnapchat: mamamiaaaaaaaaBusiness Email: miastammer@mattermediagroup.com

Tyler Beaulieu

Do ping pong next

I would rather prank my friend with a cheese eraser

I Love This Girls Voice.

The slow people in the fast lane

Payton Heleine

Can you do an EE video of Bookworm Adventures 2?

The Petrancuri’s


Grant Parker

Made the top like 8.9k no joke bruh

I'm loyal

Unique _UnlikeYou

In the beginning she said "I'm Ana" And my sister was like "Anarexic? (anorexic) I didn't want to laugh but..i did.

Nicholas Yamamoto

I wouldn’t necessarily call the one at 5:48 an Easter egg. Here in the US, it’s actually a common notice on the back of dump trucks and other large industrial vehicles that transport loose materials.

Letty Lunasical

As a woman of 4ft11, I can confirm this is how it feels. I have to jog whilst my friends walk.


#1 song of the year xD

Lele: I’m trans


Anybody watching this in 2017

Sophie Star

I'm so glad you r ok now .And I'm glad you achieved it goals without harming yourself


1:15 that isn't sack boy

Eyes Wallow Come

Been watching your video for years man I genuinely love you❤️


There is one you missed on a map in multiplayer don't remember the name but there is 2 buttons you and a friend have to hit within seconds of each other and then near a dead goat in a cage there is either 2 sound files played either grumbling and some trees shake a bit or there is a trex roar and the sound of trees breaking and the tree shake like crazy.

Jacklyn Dahl

I’m 20 and I have incredibly wrinkly eyelids and I haven’t found anything to help! I do my best, it’s not that big of a deal, but now I really want this brush!! Thanks Tati

Pop Car

nope, we didn't notice the most important thing in the video. thanks for pointing that out.


The last one hurt me. God that's sad

EDIT: and i think at the last one it says: "JESUS PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEE" or the jesus could be God

PhoneBae Gaming

The tension is real

Braydyn de Blois

The Burj Khalifa next in Dubai

Crystal Hill

I am Mexican and I speak Spanish

Emmanuel Asher

with pc now impossible to know if its real or not

thomas abisso

Hi guru


I love this too much I think

Kennedy-Grace White

BRO i’ve experienced every one of THESE, except the rage monster!! 😀


3:38 Why does it sounds like from Pokémon when Team R flies away 😂

D lson

back to the good times

Breckon Martin

6:59 Hey is that a knife in the ground?😂


what?! A Plague Doctor mask?! What's that doin in a spoting shop?!?!?! So confused right now

Tori Whetzel

Oh my god! after i saw this video I texted my boyfriend how much i loved him!

Meme Mine

poor panda how would you feel


Keep it In your mouth 😉

Janay Barnett

True love ❤️! You guys came so far I’m so happy for you guys 🙌🏼🙏🏼.

Marco Chavez


Princess Nae


Crazy Funny Cats

You have more views on this channel than all the humans on earth 🌍 ✨👽✨crazyfunnycats66 instagram


WHO els see this 10 years after


Miraculous Official

I have a story too even that I'm a kid.....I had a perfect life with my mom and dad in a big house...big car...my mom and dad had good jobs when both of them got fired.Dad didn't work at all instead of working he played poker and buy cigarettes on the other hand mom was trying to find a job and she was falling in depression that's why she began to play sports with people in her age and teens from a high school.My dad was jealous and they would fight everyday.Later on when I was 11 they divorced. I got bullied for the first time for my parents being divorced.Now I'm 13 and I live with my mom and I still keep seeing my dad and I love him so much.They still talk to each other and help each other but it's better to live on their own

Kirby Gamer

I know how you feel to lose a mom because I lost my mom too

Congratulations You Played Yourself

Film with LeBron

nicholas mizer

What kind of dog is Astro?



Panda Panda

I thought the stepmom would turn out to be her biological mom

Goddess Zeus


Danial Freeman

Bruh I have been in Mexico and homeless kids do drugs, kill and rob this isn’t real

Bleached Noodle

This girl is a Mary Sue.