lego escort frigate

Perhaps added as aftermarket additions, such hangars would enable them to carry fighters like X-wings more comfortably, and Kalla's Stanchion, a ship that could belong to this subtype of the class, has appeared in Rebel escort magnum shotgun disassembly Alliance hands in an issue of Star Wars: Empire.
Model specifications (note that this could change if the project becomes a product).
The sale price was 19,400,000 credits, cited as a twentieth of the cost of an Imperial -class Star Destroyer.It was used by the rebellion as a medical frigate.Weaponry and hangar space was sacrificed to make room for treatment facilities, 15 bacta tanks, 745 beds, and other hospital suites.Indeed, one of their first flagships was a Nebulon-B captured in a skirmish over Ylesia, which they christened the Salvation." Wedge Antilles during the Battle of Endor src Before the formal founding of the Rebel Alliance, the escort frigate Resurgence was used by the Alderaanian Resistance forces allied with Alya Aldrete and Bail Prestor Organa.Kuat Drive Yards eventually produced an improved version of the Nebulon-B, the Nebulon-B2.Empty section behind the engines with space for a small.It could be hyderabad prostitute numbers split open by concentrated heavy weapons fire, venting the frigate's atmosphere and killing most of the crew.

This includes: -The surgery suite, with a stretcher for Luke and a window to see the galaxy (or your playroom) -Removable main bridge with space for a minifigure.The shape of the Nebulon-B, designed by Nilo Rodis-Jamero, was inspired by an outboard motor.23 These ships could not carry any fighters, and their armament was reduced to 6 turbolasers (with computer-assisted targeting) and 8 laser cannons.They were similar overall, but had higher sublight speed, improved shields and hull armor, a thicker connecting spar, and additional weaponry.60-61 X-wing: The Official Strategy Guide TIE Fighter: The Official Strategy Guide Technical Journal, Vol.Thanks for Reading, I hope you like this project.EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate, model, eF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate.The frigate was known and respected for its efficiency against fighters and bombers, and its anti-fighter assignment in Imperial convoys had an immediate impact, law and order svu cragen prostitute causing the Rebels to reconsider their hyperspace raids after suffering irreplaceable losses in fighters and pilots.Contents show Characteristics Edit The standard Nebulon-B frigate was armed with twelve turbolasers, twelve laser cannons, and two tractor beam projectors.
They were often used to support larger capital ships, such as Imperial -class Star Destroyers and Rebel Mon Calamari Star Cruisers.
2 The Rebels were able to find other uses for the ships which took advantage of their sophisticated sensors and deep-space multifrequency antennas.