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Un rappel de cours de terminale sur la notion de désir en philosophie. Plus de notions sur notre site nous trouver ?SITE DE REVISIONS LES BONS PROFS ► LES BONS PROFS SUPERIEUR ► ► ► ► ►

Ryan Brandau

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Miss Dee

No Chains


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Nolan Dolan

When they started crying I did 😢❤️💕

Abdullah Rashid

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Cathern Craft

1 like one really strong prayer for these kids

Neeraj Pandit

You guys are my favourite.....

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Soooooooo when you gonna tell us that you and E are dating huh? That was a joke plz don’t hate me I love guys😭

Lucas Toste


Miss Kim

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sleepy boy

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Truly so Inspiring

Monkey Gameing

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Geno Not a namd

Sorcerers Stone*^ you mean

They may be gone. But they're be for ever in our hearts.


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Aato Otaa2005

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Lucas Tsung

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- Matti

Same Chaney Houk


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Red Hoovy

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Ann Roren


mae mamotos

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ab10 kg

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