Learn with Eddie how to dress up as a Princess 👑 Eddie the Dinosaur goes to a Costume Party

Hi, kids! In today’s video our friend Eddie the Dinosaur will have to choose a costume for a party! So he decides to dress up as a princess, of course!! Help us dress up our friend Eddie the dinosaur as a princess by picking out a dress, a pair of shoes, a wig, a tiara, etc., with our “Learning with Eddie” game! Thanks to “Learning with Eddie”, children will learn lots while having fun!! Don’t miss it!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️Learn with Eddie is a YouTube channel where you can have fun watching cartoons starring Eddie! He is a little, messy dinosaur who is full of energy and loves learning, but is always messing things up and joking around. In our weekly Learning with Eddie videos you will have fun with this wonderful dinosaur's slip-ups: he loves playing dress-up, colouring, doing puzzles, tidying up his room, cooking, washing up, growing food, and dancing!!Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday new Learn with Eddie videos #learnwitheddie #gameplay #eddiethedinosaur

Sam Butler



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Lil Zante

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Kalpana Patar Saikia

Here's a question... Why is the Alice girl so pink ??

joanna browning

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An Com

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Ava Unicorn

Please, a third episode would be amazing

DankyPanky Jr

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AQueen ThatIsFrozen

Elsa: “Let Me Go, Let Me Gooo!”

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Y3A2-Jaden NG



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Mia The Hooman

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The one with the guitar is where you guys mess up at 1:08. I can see that it's reversed except for the part where it's swinging on the wall. Nicely edited ;) you almost got away with it.

Melissa Elorza

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Rage WT

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Kayla Kinney

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Introverts Thoughts

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Geert van Linge

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Alagarsamy Sivaram

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