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Dhevano the gamer

Not all


Stefano grillo

Hei emmm pls use Google transle becose im italian and i can t write english veri well


leftovers?? who leaves that goodness?!

That’s_just_Bria XOXO

This video made me realise how thankful I should be for sleep 😭

Angel Piper

Ayy Brooklyn/New York I was born there and there where alot of homeless people😞

1.My Mother don’t really talk much..

Tanner John

Well looks like the they are taking a new approach for outlast 3 as you can see here

Isabella Bravo

I'm pretty sure this girl is on drugs but she never knew 😂 or she was just drunk 😆

Me: what kind?

Kitty Kat

Pause at jaiden’s DO NOT LOSE LIST (1:07)

Alyssa Moreno

Okay YES I know Kristen is married BUT I still ship Jen and her so much!!!

I Know a young age to just want to die it got worse I use to cut but I realized that I'm running out of time I stopped cutting and looked at the bright things in life and every day I say to people u can't leave me today

Gabi S

Ok, so, earlier i have seen a video about a girl who survived an airplane crash, the story is pretty much the same as the one that's being narated in this video, and just to be sure, is this the same girl?

romeo angala

this is the greatest video ever

Juliana Togonon

Hey Im 8 and my brother is a volleyball player and I love volleyball



Tajin Dude XD

I was in MoMA when this happened it was very close from there

Catty Kam


pita Jauregui

I want to go there


i just got ths 4 days ago one of rockstars best games ever


Okay, it’s BOTH faults, the girl was daydreaming & didn’t answer whereas the guy were too close to her. Then when it happened, the girl tried to help but the guy was uncomfortable, told her off, then the girl got pissed off bc she was trying to help. Then they got the attention of the whole wedding. He turned to the organizer & told her what happened since he’s a guest & she’s a server. Then when she was working hard for 3 months, & clearly her bf is a cheater, she got upset that she had to go home with half of her pay, picked up the champagne & splashed it all over him, went outside, hoping for time with cheater bf, but nope, he’s off with lovey, drank the champagne. He got the victory, went outside and FOUND the girl that messed up, drunk, on his car, grudgingly, he took her into the car because what he can do? She wouldn’t wake up. Then during it, she threw up on his SUIT jacket. Groaning in dismay, he drove home, and handed her off to his housekeepers. And........watch part two, buddy.

Emily Edwards Blair

Is he dead


I'd watch that last show NGL


you will make infamous second son?

David Winterbourne

Biggest question Why was there a sledge hammer pick axe and axe in a gym

Maja 179

YAAAAZ we all need a friend like Polly!


That footage of Marbles jumping around was great and I always feel apart of their bdays with these vids 😭💙

Nda Jabbar

It’s painful when you despite of knowing all that you still doing it with your kids because you were raised like it


WHAT do you think about finland

Rain Puffs

Damn that first one, I feel like I got punched right in the childhood.

Not A Doctor

Oh my god...finally, some well written dialogue!

john Basquin


Matthew Brune

in all fairness, my favorite easter egg in a Star Wars game is in SWTOR: if you go to the cantina in Anchorhead, you can actually play the Cantina music from A New Hope

Jordan Depina

You guys should do slip n slide hockey for your next video

Itsu ka mune hatte hokoreru watakushi ni naru made

Marlene Army Army

Alguien sabe en nombre de la musica q usaron de fondo?


I understand that alot of countries suck, and are unlivable. But the reason the US is huge on illegal immigration isnt because we think we are too good for third world countries, but because the US has 300 million people. Now, probably 500 million uncounted illegal immigrants. You are 100% welcome here if you come here legally. Its not because we dont want you here, we just want you here legally and if you dont come legally, we send you back thats it.

Jeff Gomez

You should do dak Prescott

Aned Orion

ok but where’s moana in the first teaser?

That Trans Geek Girl

Laura Croft vs Indiana Jones!!!

Aliba Aliba

Myb my father was got attacked in anxiety and panicked disorder in last year...

Princess Capua

I've had my period has gone of for a week and 2 days...is that healthy...I'm rlly worried about my health

Calvin Jones

4:58 Who else saw jubilation?

syazwan othman

Nice job dude


Who else wanted to slap mikes real wife for treating him bad



El_gatø• Nimo

Kd os brazuca?

Ben Oncle

Wtf married man sleeps regularly with another woman, saying he loves her WTF WHAT A PIECE OF GARBAGE HE NEEDS TO GO