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Make your children learn, Days of the Week Song, Alphabets, Colors, Numbers Nursery Rhymes for Kids | ChuChu TV00:07 Days of the week Song02:28 Bingo Dog Song05:07 Blue Color Song07:10 Three little kittens went out to eat09:47 Numbers Song 1-2014:48 Orange Colors Song16:55 Three Little Kittens Went to Rio20:27 Let's learn the colours23:01 One two buckle my shoe25:02 Yellow Color Song27:07 ABC Alpohabet Song29:34 Wheels on the bus - New York 32:02 Purple Color Song34:08 Five little fingers37:37 Head shoulders exercise song39:30 Red Color Song41:46 ABC Phonics Song45:35 Five little Monkeys - Part 348:25 Brush Your Teeth51:09 Green Color Song53:13 Finger Family Song58:39 Let's Play in the park1:01:10 Ten In The Bed============================================Music and Lyrics: Copyright 2016 ChuChu TV™ StudiosVideo: Copyright 2016 ChuChu TV™ Studios============================================

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No.8 should be atleast in top 3...Thats hilarious XD

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why does the sister look like my great great grandma.


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Asian girl here

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Ethan You

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You can all find them with your own eye right like you dont have to edit and stuff to find the easter eggs




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