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And for FB which got the same way, it's attempting to corner the market via buying out any potential competition... until it runs out of billions in its IPO it generated.


Soccer stereotypes


Fancy being here early!

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Good work getting jeff besos to speak over this

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I'm going for Ty like if you agree

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I feel like the girl in this story was under reacting

i'm studying to become a lawyer and while i do get upset at these stories where there could've been more things done you have to understand that more often than not, people lie

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Give a like if you have been to that hotel

Team Pugs

One night, I found myself in a village somewhere in the middle of a desert. There were two people who were attacking the villager who lived there with weapons that looked like guns. I found my self in a store where beer would usually be sold laying on the ground as if I lost my energy from hiding. I noticed in the distance that my family was also there in great distance also hiding in another shop. This time, I ran to them leading the shooters to where my family and I hid. The first shoot got my mom breaking my heart. The next shoot was aiming to my sister leading my body to cover her. I took the shot thinking this is be the end of my life. I felt my body losing temperature letting my body get cold as I lost blood. The next think I knew, I was awake laying on my bed.

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I thought the computer was cool because it was Stormptrooper black and white and Im a Star Wars fan so... 👍🏼

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Alvin:Let's do this

1000 subs with no vid

Anyone after the playoffs

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3:39 there’s something wrong here

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Battlefield4 melodeon

Also , J Dilla Instrumentals and beattapes , can't get more chill then that

Edit: We recently had a flooding. And to look for solutions of the chief minister went to the people who defeated sea multiple times, the builders if the Delta works, the Dutch. I hope we will be supported because of the Dutch fight sea, bye bye sea.

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"Super high powered pogo stick," -doesn't even go a foot off the ground

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Love uuuu so muchhhh 💖😘😍☺️✨

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Why did she become a teacher if she doesn't like kids

Doodle dragons Toucans

Kill em not you but jake (pls don’t kill me you tub


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Where is Reaver Spirit (he is like Zeus)? "He killed his own father?" Atreus said.

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Sony is gonna destroy them.. like before


you forgot one type lol limewire into the search bar and hit i am feeling lucky

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Watchdogs 2???

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I have OCD, specifically arithmomania or counting OCD, but I don’t care if people say ‘I went OCD’ or anything like that, because it’s just a saying! Yes, it is hard for everyone to go through OCD. It is a genuine mental illness that a lot of people have to take medication for, but it’s like saying ‘I feel depressed’, when you’re not actually depressed. It’s just a saying.

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This video was made wen i was born

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Hi 👋 this video was amazing keep doing what you are doing

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Lil wooski ain’t got no bodies for his dead brothers 😂😂😭💯

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much secret

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They’re all so happy

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I like this new format Guru, it's more simple to understand

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That's cool that Joe santagatos brother was in this

Mum: WHAT THE ####

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there was so much lag

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You forgot to include that you can get a legendary weapon from the badass creeper that shoots minecraft arrows, i think it is called the longbow.


Lot of great job 👌🏻

2. margot robbie


This makes me excited

Thats like a reallly dumb reason, he can just buy new ones

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That (Big) part was hilarious, very accurate reaction. XD

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Who else got anxiety watching this? ⇣

Annoying-voice-girl: I am getting bullied for being homophobic and not agreeing with the fact, that everyone deserve human rights.. WHat hAve I dOnE??!!

the damn train