LEARNING FOOD NAMES With Complete Meal Velcro Cutting Toy Set - Fruits Toast Cake Egg

Learning is fun and easy with these toy cutting velcro playset featuring the complete meal. First, each food item is presented and shown how to spell as well as how to pronounce in English. Then the food are cut into 2 pieces with a plastic knife and cutting board. Kids will learn motor skill as well as basic words in English.These are the food that you will learn in this video: cake for desserts, persimmon and melon for fruits, mixed fruit, egg, butter cream bread, croissant, toast, hot dog, pepper.You might also like my other videos:LEARN FRUITS and VEGETABLES NAMES with Velcro Cutting Toy Setthe ALPHABET from A to Z with M&M's CandySTOP MOTION with M&M's CandyCOLORS by Sorting Fruits and VegetablesZoo AnimalsCUTTING Fruits & Veggie Velcro Cooking PlaysetCUTTING Japanese Bento Fish Fruits & VegetablesVELCRO STRAWBERRY CAKE Party Playsetfor watching. Please like and subscribe.

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