Learning English Grammar for Kids and More - Nursery Rhymes and Educational Cartoons

0:07 - Learning Emotions3:05 - Learning Countries6:02 - Learning More and Less8:45 - Learning Prepositions11:30 - Head Shoulders Knees and ToesIn this educational cartoons for children and nursery rhymes compilation, you may find baby cartoons about feelings and emotions, countries, English grammar and many more.Sing, dance, and learn with Singing Slime Sam!Watch our best educational cartoons:Learning Colors - to Count - ABC's - to our channel and watch more nursery rhymes and educational cartoons:

Colin Davis1717

You guys are the best!!!

Aravindt Thiagarajanmuthu

The guy with the crazy dunks and recording has to be the panda

tuna hump

how many hours and trys to get that one shot??


Great video man! Although you forgot about the slender man Easter egg, when walking around alleyways you can see graffiti of slenderman



And & And

Yeah saya butuh subtitle bahasa Indonesia 😁👍

Ellie Durose

I looooove this. But my god I can’t wait for Smithy to be back at Christmas!!

Wolfy playz

Why do you dont call the police :/

Wilson Ong

Wow amazing!

Danny Collins

And Cory get better at tricks I'm just playing you're one of the best is my best friend's name Corey

please sub :(

Nic Mic

New Xbox: 1 mil views

Jamie Cruz

This has happened to me before btw I'm in yr5


You like a sook sometimes in this

sebastian fernandez

Take your like for the kid in 5:50 jajajajajaja xD

Avery Marques

2018 anyone?

Bill Lysse

I really want to see another one of these 😃

Emil Kovic

Billy Ty’s was really cringy and that haircut OOF


Oh no

Alyssa the channel reviewer

That's not bi-polar disorder...thats schizophrenia.

Ceri Tsujimura

I like how I've almost died multiple times due to contamination but I ain't as OCD as this like jesus christ man get a hold of yo' self.


that developer is really good at making pretty games


i just got a very inappropriate ad for archery in this vid😂😭

“You’re killing it dude!”

Angel Vulchinov

Яки трикове

Jmcclay 276

If I subscribe Dude Perfect make a new battle

ediley uchiha

Esses caras são realmente, Muito Feras 👏👏👏❤

Marcos Pacheco



Elevens last words are "no more" possibly mimicking scarlet witch's words "no more mutants" in X-Men House of M issue 7, although this was released in 2005 so this could be coincidental


that Illuminati confirmed remix tho 2:35 🔥🔥😍😍😍

DocWho03 Gaming

Wolf and panda

Joyce Razel Roble

2019 anyone?


I don’t really care for the Seahawks, but Russell Wilson is pretty cool!! 😎👍🏻👍🏻

- ThaDutchGuy -

Because Minecraft is a worldwide badass game.

vincent kiprotich

This is great comedy not that Trump bashing stuff.

Kevin Haet

I declined to be in the front of the line. I happily go to the back.


Brother: Let's play our secret game

Rat Snackerson

Anyone know the girl on the left at 0:15 seconds ?


Ur Fridged ,me and my girl do this all the time I’m 13 and ur like 16 so ur fridged as hell I love my girl she made it clear she would send enything until we went out and got amazingly close now she does it all the time

Semeri Siamese

Has thirty eight views. 95 likes?

Stephanie Heath


Richard Hu

Anyine watching in 2018?

I was always in my grandparents house, i didnt even have a memorie of my own house. My grandparents gave me wonderul stuffs, Ds, Games, Mario and Luigi figurines, these types of stuff. They were here my whole childhood. I was so happy with them..


Ive seen a story about this on TV..its real...it only taks them like 10-15 tries before they get it...and we see the one they finally make..

Zodiac Fortnite


meme lord

Still waiting for superhuman interview part 3