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and he is still on one of the first quests...

Dramaholic 21

1:20 Is tHat 5 miNtUe CrAftS?! 😂

Becky Wilbur

Or coby it auto corrected


I have the same gun




This kid looks like a lost boy

Cobs: Uh oh there’s Gar

Phoenix Realms

A few years ago it would hit the back board now its a splash.

Robyn Potato

I just watched final destination and then I find this

Leslie DeGroot

Good job Coby


If I was on the bus with my friend and I'm sitting with a stranger, and so is he/her, when the strangers leave, I'll move to sit beside my friend. And if I'm peeing I wouldn't shift to the other urinal cause I've never seen someone who does so in the midst of peeing...that's just idk

jenzten kaebel

You forgot your bag the way cory ran back to get his bag is so funny

Robert Dunlap

2:20 and its 9 million today.


No, go watch "The Farcry experience" by Machinima



take that gay ass alpine stars crap off.

Emmanuel Buhangin

Wake-up people, climate change!!! The Great Wall of China didn't stop the Mongols from getting in. What makes you think that a sea wall can stop the ocean from getting in.


Can’t believe those who put dislikes at dude perfects videos

Professional anime watcher

I thought this was called “hit on me”


Omg, I need to stop bullying my bff! I MADE HIM DEPRESSED!

Impact Films

i remember watching your first video and now you have your own app, gratz!

Elena Gonzalez

Disappointed i weigh at least 130 and im 17

Karlee Messer-Todd

Try cbd oil, there's certain kinds I've heard of that can really help with chronic pain. Sure it might not work but it can't hurt to try.


I am Japanese people!!

ProKIel BoyLol

oof i was wrong

Meatball Lover

I thought number 3 was gona have slendy


Damn... that's some burnt ass toast

Joseph Myles

Work sorry

Darlene Hall

The people at 3:27 were like *what is this dude doing*


so Resident Evil 7 is actually a movie-base game? xd

Shota Princess129

It's this stuff right here that makes me so embarrassed to be a female sometimes. There's literally no sense of code and honor between women like how there is with men. Yes, the ex husband was just as accountable for the decision of going along with it and hurting his wife like that, but the mistress knew damn well he was already married and had a child by the wife. Yet she still wanted to be a homewrecker and get in his pants anyway! I truly don't understand why so many people think having a side chick or side dick is okay. The wife did the right thing leaving him in the end

Taylor Wilson

It’s like one person arguing with their self

Camp Carson

So is this another event like outbreak or a whole new game, i am confusion

buzz buzzard

Where is the engine?

Esai Aviles

The Borderlands 2 easter egg, you can use a vehicle, I've done it before.


Wow, you pointed out so many things I didn't even notice. They sure put a lot of work into these easter eggs. The Abstergo CEO was fucking great. Guess I forgot about him, lol

Kriti Kashyap

Wait how is the Xbox remote even working if it is so wet????

Kevin Ramirez

Anybody in 2018


Can you tell me BGM?

Madison Standifer

I miss team edge with you in it and

a weird kid with no name

who else is here after morata moved to atletico?

zaryab cheema

I am the my bad guy

Mini Turtle

to many shouts!