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Koda jablonski

Love the accents

Ben M

can you make more videos cuz I love these shows

Blue cup Gaming

They’re a sTrAnGeR Me: ThErE lIkE 80 yEaRs Old

buttered Toast

Yo is that uraraka from my hero academia


what is this 1980's? if that happened to my class jhon would've loose his balls

Charlee Mcginn

Ty is the best


So... Are you the fastest man in the world now?



David Duong

Sling shot

Ippiki Õkami

Fun fact easter egg you actually missed, bills town (or some other sunny map) on multiplayer you can hear a clicker in the outside of the map, I noticed it's fairly close too cuz it was clear as a daisy near the church part if I remember correct by the gates out of the church...Mayne naughty dog is planning co-op campaign mode or something involving the monsters too like a tournament mode with them in the maps or something

king zaki

Happy Ramadan for Muslim's

Jenni Sullivan

Anybody who is on team Tyler like this comment

HeatherMH The MCW

This... is what I HATE!!! So what if I’m a girl? R they saying I’m weak? That I’m DUMB? That just cause I’m a girl I can’t do what boys can?!! Well see this!!! Anyone, AND I MEAN ANYONE who says that better watch out for ME!!! For I have knives, hammers, glass shards as well as my fists and others!!! And FYI to people who said that boys r better : U SUCK WORSE THAN HELL. I HOPE U CHANGE UR MIND OR Censored stuff I think but never say. I go all out on people like this, so HMPH! ( Plus, even tho I don’t like school too much, there r people out there who DO. And this is what happened in my city : Lots of people got into medical school or so, and everyone was happy UNTIL the stupid damn government made the girl medical school point limit +10 !!! Imagine how the girls were heartbroken cuz they couldn’t live out their dreams anymore! That’s when I wished ( and still wish now ) that I was old and powerful enough to get a new government! )

Ty Park

they are uploading these videos for fun. nobody is forcing you to watch them

Dubla Mundo

Congratulations! I loved the channel

suraj krish

its 6 yrs but watching all videos for the rage monster

Actually Happened

lemi Lausa

I already downloaded it



Marijan Vugrinec

Umm i think north korean spies watched this

Tukang Sebar

Are anyone still watch this in 2018? 😮😮

Mohan Reddy

Play cricket

Red Sans

I'm the human controller

Jake12345678910 1

Keep trying coby u got this

Eve Shayak

Audiences : How dark you want the movie to be? Director : YES

Serina cloud


alis pun

WTF is going on


Ezekiel Elliott is my favorite player, I wish I could meet him!😁 If you have a favorite football player, comment who it is.

Kameran Middleton

You killed the fat ugly egg

Rollin' Coal productions

4:53 dude perfed ?

TTV_ m1dn1tejoker


It'sQ!Bella OfficialTM

..my mom is all of these...even beat me up when she looses her temper...When i was very little and these days too...

Kileigh Stuart

So um i would not take him back, whether its my pride or just my self respect i couldnt do that to my husband, OR child. Imagine how you daughter must feel! I would not let that be anywhere near my offspring

Nick_ Gaming

Minute videos is better than actually happened

Elizabeth Rose

After we finally got the kids to stop singing" Let it go "on repeat .You do another one😑😑😑🤭🤭

Will DeRoo

This show is the best


Does it matter what kind of ball they use, that was sick

Bellahex Danna

How many ways can you make aluminum cans implode?

Anonymous User

Forget the Xbox one x, here’s scarlet. 🙄

Jesus Alvarado

Puro pito y pucha

Flares Pone

David tenant is best doctor