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Watch Our Most Popular Videos Here: HERE:frog | Educational | Songs for KidsHow high can you jump? Come play outside with Baby Joy Joy and her froggy friends and learn different ways to jump! What have you learned today? Tell us in the comments below.Watch Baby Joy Joy's Newest Videos Here:Learning Colors Here:Counting Songs with Baby Joy Joy Here:*Lyrics*----------------------------------I jump low.I jump low.I jump high.I jump high.I jump low.I jump low.I jump highto the sky.I jump on.I jump on.I jump in.I jump in.I jump on.I jump on.I jump in.Watch me swim and swim!I jump over you.You jump over me.I jump over you.Playing Leap Frog.Jump below.Jump below.Jump above.Jump above.Jump below.Jump below.Jump abovelike a dove.Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!Leap Frog!Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!Leap Frog!00:06 Leap Frog01:54 ABC Song05:31 Finger Family Snowmen08:13 Shapes and Colors10:28 I've Got a Feeling12:21 Pop Goes the Weasel16:03 12 Days of Christmas20:50 Happy Birthday22:47 Wheels on the Bus31:06 Pop Goes the Weasel33:15 Old MacDonald38:36 Ten in the Bed40:54 Are You Sleeping?46:05 Five Little Monkeys48:39 Humpty Dumpty52:41 Finger Family Frogs55:20 Look At Me Go57:54 Mary Had a Little Lamb

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Tales Of OSDD

I got excited when I read the title because I LOVE stories from people with any disorder! Ok don’t think I’m a weirdo. Don’t think, “that’s crazy that you like seeing people suffer with disorders and love the word disorder!) well I love seeing people suffer with disorders because I’m one of those people suffering with disorders! Now many people suffer with PERSONALITY disorders, I suffer with a MULTIPLE personality disorder. I have Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD). Many of these disorders are personality disorders which means their disorders effect their personality and with mine, my personality is intact. (I just have 15 more than normal.) I would love to submit my story with OSDD and what it’s like so I will!

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