Laughing Gas Helps Me At The Dentist

Rhett and Kesley went to the Dentist to get their cavities filled. they were both so nervous about getting shots in their mouths.Reese and Perri didn't have any cavities this time!! LUCKY GIRLS!!A Day in the life of our family. We aren't your average family, We are a very sarcastic and fun loving family. We get crazy in a good way.. We try to not take each day together as a family for granted. We love to laugh, tease each other, and sometimes laugh until we cry. Laughter is the best medicine. and We live by the motto "Kill them with kindness" Welcome to our channel!Our kiddos!!!Kesley 13Logan 11 (angel in heaven)Rhett 9Reese 7Perri 6SUBSCRIBE to see more of our Family HERE: collaborations, business inquiries, and personalinquiries please contact at:**********************************************************Camera's we use:Canon G7X mark iiCanon, 5D mark iiiGoPro Hero 5DJI Phantom 3Watch our Angel in Heaven's story: in Heaven birthday: in Heaven Cemetery: join us at:


OMG I ALMOST DIED DONT DO THAT!!! But u like doing this

Teun Thissen


curry is not as clutch as kyrie... lebron and kyrie had a historic comeback, never before done.

tony burchell

Tyler's dad

Nina Newswanger

that was dphq2 before it was done


Who ever disliked this video has no heart and should go to therapy

komal malik

Please do water bottle flip 2 and battles please😇😇😊

Noah brack


helen hoseok :3

Es imposible no llorar con este vídeo :'c

Jayden Ciarmataro

i wonder how many shots they take and how long it takes them to make those shots


You absolutely wrecked the grass

Phoenix Fire

In all of the videos the voice is the same

Red Leader

Cory is my favorite and Cory, believe in yourself and watch out for bottles

Lord Shoray

Did they lose on purpose?

biswajit bharali

Sudmarani boinacsude means u r intelligent

animefrog [anime]

all this people have to be in jail "father" guy more than "mother" girl.because of him punishing her.

Michelle Hill

get a life

Soumya Kanti Lodh

Tyler trick is to push everone and win the battle . So funny 😂😂. by the way thats what u need to do to win the battle

Adam Barboza

Can not express my disappointment that the rage monester broke nothing

eliot howlett

Do ball trick shots


his girl...... Taylor swift?....... 😂




last goals definitely shocked panda, and like what happened?

Josh's Channel

When Zurlein whifs the kick to give them a chance to win the Super Bowl

YouTube Turtle

Death almost got him

A.j. Shreffler

idont laf

victor *! lucas


Hyperbeast Xd

They should do around the world edition

Layla Cristine

Eu acho que sou a única brasileira assistindo

maryamgilani72 فانز وديمه احمد وروز الناصر

whatt? seson2 of frozen or what??!


If that food machine was real it will solve world hunger...

Galaxies Universe

when i saw a soldier i knew it was kim jong un

Ethan Blais

I thought that was a microphone


That's one reason cod topped the charts back then...

MBaig 7

I like all shots

tae kook

Study.. this age is for study.. no time for love.. ur parents love you more than your couple


Anyone most excited for the camera thing like I am?

Abbey 86

Jim B. From Syracuse anyone?

Valencia Love cookies

Rose are red

Damian Qupak

First time I'm listening to NF and he has some gems plus the whole flow is beyond fire. Ma mans killed it and he's top 1.

music league

We want Cricket trick shots


She’s so ungrateful and full of herself

OhNo Masters

Funny thing I got a fishing hook stuck in my head yesterday

Hernando Chandra

elsa: does elsa thingsmy thallasophobia: no


Girl: I lost my long beautiful hair to cancer.


For some reason I think the panda is Tyler

T Stickney

Love it how ty gets shout from behind and falls backwards.


Mr Barnes from blacksails is in the game to