La rakhe ia ka sngi ban pyrshah pyntrei bylla ia ki khynnah - YouTube


He s back!


how did he use that skin in Red Dead Redemption?

Jake The Dog

I don't buy the sewer one, if they did reference IT, they would have used a red balloon


The last ‘story’ was similar to what Ive done before. Some dude said hello and I couldn’t decide between what up and sup, so I said Shut up ;w; She hulk

Oana Puha

Happy birthday to the Gemini June team!

Basma Bashir 123 Sakina Bashir 456

You get a knife they won't step a foot next to you

Joseph Ollett

Did anyone else hear him say the n word at 0:02?

MaNiaTicS vxtri

Fruit porn

not a soul:


That chest is NOT an easter egg, it is a merchant chest which every vendor has hidden somewhere inaccessible, It contains their entire inventory + gold. Unfortunately people have found ways of getting to these merchant chests...


This whale man sux


I could easily make video of me throwing 200ft throw straight in and make it look more realistic than that odd curve you get that ball make. :)

patrick whyte

There’s this new ad on YouTube about kijiji, they are driving your lounge chair car?!?

Edit: I just wanna say thank you for liking this bad comment that I wasn't expecting to get any likes on.

He is ahhhhhmazing!!!! 😍 ❤️ 😍 ❤️ 😍 ❤️ 😍 ❤️ 😍

Shehryar Ali Sher

DP is awsome


@ChumpInABathtub if you want to prove a point and use a CoD game as an example, you're gonna have a bad time

ibrahim mamo


The random Channel

Dam those glass bottles tho ooof