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I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into a typical day for me. You guys have been asking to see my new office, but I thought it would be fun to show you everything from the moment I wake up, so I'm taking you into my home, my closet, my business meetings, my photoshoots and more. More videos to come! x Kylie

sparkle fox

Im dissapointed

My thought: OH MY GOD shes so nice . What was i thinking . I was over reacting. She cares about me? UwU. Man i love her so much. Its not her fault.

Make Jiller


Vipin Sharma

Man Kevin got the injury again hope he's fine

Evan Cain25

Ur not the richest man In the world bill gates is

Jordan Meafou

I'm so fancy

Adaleus Cates

With is he staring at

Clueless Husky

Dat online character dou

NotRayser rayík

They they they have aimbot:]


...I burst into the basement, and THERE HE WAS! ....playing D&D? Oh.

Brittney Hernandez

My grandma actually pasted away on Monday (5-20-19) and she was actually 54 as well I miss her so much 😔😞😣😖😭❤💔

Savian Engstrand

Archery swish

Jennifer Swafford

Aaaaaawwwweeeeesssssoooommmmmeeeee ssssshhhhooottt

Snowman Knight

Yoooo I’m a boy and if I was in the same school I live in Greece and I would be youre boyfriend cuz I’m a good guy and I get bullied but I finished school and now I live in USA

Judah Tirrell

dude perfect crew are good people. too bad you can't find alot of people like them

BLC Team

Team Cory

tash LX

This is way too accurate it’s scary

Truett Bond

Who else wishes coby will win

Sheehy Boy

how the hell is this possible this amazes me

who cares

So Elsa is going to le it go and be a lesbian or not? If not I’ll be so disappointed...

Abrar Ahmed Abyeaz

Humanity is to care about other humans doesn’t matter white or black not even 0.001%

Isaiah Goulart

is it just tyler

morgan sonnier

but he’s not iron man

itz wolfy the fox

666k views mg


In Kino der Toten,if you stand by the blueish greenish door in the dressing room,you can hear a knocking noise,I'm not sure what it is,But it's kinda cool.

T—————gay T—————gay

Who else is watching this in December 2018

Mike Florea

Unless this story is from a 12 year old then I declare that person mentally insane. ADDICTION TO FORTNITE ISN'T NORMAL AT 15 YRS OR OVER! GROW UP! (Tho I won't blame games like Minecraft and Starbound which actually have either massive learning possibilities and the later has an amazing story - but these are just examples)

Mishal Khan

I am proud for you


Yes there is. When he walks up to the blue sign he looks at a troll face for a brief moment. Its small so look closly

Benjamin Lee

9:07 He says he’s not a fisherman and in the two fishing battles, he wasn’t there.

On belangerijk

It's fake two screens put togheter.But it could be real since he was allready wet. And said his line in the beginning while being a bit tired like it would be the 1000ste trow the go wrong

Heather Hicks


Czechk Cabahug

Coby if you see this are you okay

“Am I getting catfished here?”

Go big or Go Bacon

Kevin Durant before he was on the warriors

Xxxtentacion Bro

Overtime aftermath of the eyebrow shaving is so weird seeing him like that

Tyler Piggah


Tuncs Apoo

You need a voice over. .. would've subed if it was added