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What your kindergarten student needs to know. This Kindergarten Fluency Binder is a folder of 73 files to master the basic skills and standards needed to be learned before leaving kindergarten including the 35 sight words!Content areas:- Alphabet- Letter sounds- Numbers 1-100- Skip Counting- Measurement- Continents- Time by the hour- Colors- Shapes-Positional Words-Ordinal Numbers-Days of the week-Months of the year- Money- Comparing quantities- 35 Sight Words and more!! All in ONE BINDER for ease of use. This binder is used for creating fluency in basic skills. When a child masters the basics they have an excellent foundation that will follow them to all other subject areas! Great with special needs students and one -on- one fluency training sessions.Purchase Kindergarten Fluency Binder:(50% percent off limited time)Assessment:my video (Amazon affiliate links)Easel Binder:Pointers:Protectors:more videos please visit my channel and subscribe for weekly inspiration!Jadyalvarez.comTo be entered in to giveaway:Subscribe, Like, and commentThanks for watching!Jady A.

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