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Roxy the gamer king

The cats name is panda and also how do the cats use the bathroom

Georgia Elliott

I care so much about what people think of me. I used to be so embarrassed about being bad at maths that when I got an important assessment I just wouldn't do it. Just a few weeks ago I was supposed to do a piece of writing but I started them minutes in because I thought that I was going to do so badly. I was trying to do a speech and I felt like I could cry, then my friend smiled and that was all it took I ran off and had a meltdown and stayed home the next day but I don't think I have anxiety… coz im only 12 do I help plz?

Girl: ‘I lost my hair’


Everyone is talking about how she peed on her wallet is no one going to talk about the list of things not to lose in a foreign country?

John Campbell

I've completed all of it

Benjamin Wellenzohn

I wanna know who panda is

RyuujiVantek on?!

Lisa Moore

did anyone see smile dog

Trent Bradley

Frozen 2: Water

Jared Brokloff

@Henkka008 nope.avi its 9.1 prerelease 4 ikr mojang fucked up with dis update shit

Samuelxgames Longo

Where's the Bass Pro at

EBRAHIM ALABADSA ابراهيم العبادسة

صابر مشهور


I love you :)

Matthew Smith

are you kidding me i was just listening to the score legend???


I would have loved it if either when you're going up or down the ladder for the MGS3 logo, you just hear "Snake Eater..." whispered really softly.

Jakob Hillinger

Jjj.y. To get my


3:07 I bet you it flew to Neptune

sam brears

Still hurts knowing Stan's gone. Long live the all father of Marvel, may you rest well and in peace 💙

Ppodcasts Productions

Dude Perfect can you guys do a NHL 19 dunk tank battle episode?

Johnson Johnsonson Johnsonsonson

guru, could you please tell me what you record your videos with and render settings and all that, it looks amazing!

JoshPlayz IRL

The double wall and balcony shot

im regret

magic always has a price

JDominator 345

I have OCD but I got rid of it by thinking about what I enjoy

fran hutinec

O, no he didn't post enything on social media 6:02

Normita Meza

2019 anyone