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Kids Go To School | Great Birthday Of Chuns Friends Buy Give Birthday Cakes At StoreChuns Chuns is a YouTube channel created for kids. Bringlaughter and useful knowledge for children. Funny videos, high educational toys with eye-catching cute kids.With the desire to bring laughter and the innocence of children, chuns chuns tv is expected to be welcomed by children and parents.Let us know what you feel about the content as well as the video quality below the comment section.Watch More Videos At : : + : : :: : for watching !teacher and student#Kids #learn #chuns #Toys #school

рандомный хуй с горы

curly guy's laught seem so fake sometimes...

MUI Clausi

i remember missing school for days when this came out and i got it on release date


I can’t believe the best YouTube’s were at the super bowl stadium

Happy Salma-SM

garretsucks baibititiirgyhudly

Enzo The Meme

The song is so catchy

Cure dream///🖤🖤🖤 does fandubs

The new Avengers movie looks GREAT


in gta vice city there is an real easter egg

No super cars

Nicole Dwight

Panda is Tyler’s brother because his name is Jeff toney like Tyler toney

Ed Bell

I am soooooooooooooooooooo the no touchie.

Iwasaki Khan

2019???hit like


Any game that uses the shooting and movement mechanics of max Payne 3 is fucking awesome!

idk, stuff?????



Charlie Zelenoff Uncut

Dude pefrect Vs Charlie Zelenoff

Taylor Wendt

Congrats Tyler on being a father of two.

My 2 year old was choking one night, which I think started this anxiety, and we wouldn't have known had my husband not heard her cough a little on the baby monitor and mention checking on her. He got her to start breathing again. Never found out what she was choking on, it didn't come out or show up on x rays. I checked on her every night for months after that, even after I made sure that there was absolutely nothing in there that she could swallow. Then the baby choked 4 times on spit up due to reflux. The fear of losing them is so frustrating.

Skull Crusher 1992


Orbital Dew*

thats my favorit kane & lynch game

Me: oh my gosh

Jase Anims ツ

Title: I Was In a Mental Hospital, it's Not Like the Movies

Andot Mankhong

2:13 lol 😂

Christina Lindsey

Airo dunker

The Big Rat Gaming

did Garret say the "F" word?


Não gostei, as crianças podem sentir medo. Penso que alegria e amor são sentimentos nobres que precisamos passar para os pequenos.



xXUndecidedFate_ 420

These guys are gonna be the first to hit 200 mil subs let’s make it happen and this being legit having real subs not sub bot like tseries does


someone march 2019 ????

kysen the legand

Bruh that's not how wear tights

Crazy1 Prabh

Who's the panda


if i were cowboy i would be a little pissed at dana. he acts like ferguson was totally dominating at fight's end. both men were standing on their feet, no one was totally dominating. remember when dana fired the british guy, semtek was his nick-name, for punching koshcek after the bell. yeah i know it is the intent not the act, but the ref stated the strike by ferguson was not "impactful" on the fight so not even a point was taken. ok not impactful but the doctors stop the fight. yeah tell a guy with a broken nose to hold it for another round, ok. way i see it, cowboy by dq, get this fight ran back again by end of summer.


who else was waiting for " its takin ovah"

Ahmed Atman

No we thank you guru thank you for all of your effort we will always support you

yongsheng xie

Ty is the best

ayeeyo kevin

daam nigguh needs to get a life

Gregory Koomey

Happy birthday 🎉 twins!




Last one: Me:*looks at it* O-O Best... Weapon... EVER!!!


Cancer is for people who are like fifty!...


Hey epic games my samsung j8 is no compatible in fortnite please

Wkcheiosms Fuck

Ur just a fool if u with some1 really bad

Jake Paul music channel

That's dobe

Samuel Henrie

drone i ment