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Kids Go To School | Birthday Chuns Friends Organize Surprise Birthday Especially In Classroom 2Chuns Chuns is a YouTube channel created for kids. Bringlaughter and useful knowledge for children. Funny videos, high educational toys with eye-catching cute kids.With the desire to bring laughter and the innocence of children, chuns chuns tv is expected to be welcomed by children and parents.Let us know what you feel about the content as well as the video quality below the comment section.Watch More Videos At : : + : : :: : for watching !teacher and student#Kids #learn #chuns #Toys #school

Uci Arini


Its Avocado

I cannot be the only one who find 5:03 statisfying like they did the same thing

Your Dad has comedy

This seems more scary than a horror movie idk why 🤨😕


Get DDG on your show

Mustakin Takin


oreodoesgachavids 0.0

Man if your parents are mad at you FOR. A B


how much did u pay him to do this

axel f

hey guru, i love all your vid keep it up!


my guy trending again!

dorian deslatte

Actually, pacture raised beef also has omega-3s as well

Conner I

Do a mini golf trick sjots

Mr_ ImMinseok

Imagine how stinky you were while halfway out lol

I don’t know if I have Anxiety but I often have this thoughts and feelings. It’s like someone strangling you and punching you in the stomach.

No Name

My family isn't really supportive of my music things




I'm a tree magnet


I had a relationship like that. I remember feeling low about myself because of him. We dated for 8 months and he pulled the I won't speak to you for a while bs. I met someone during that time that made me laugh and smile though I was sad. Eventually I broke it off with him when I realized I wasn't happy with my ex and then I got with my friend who would make me smile. We have been together 6 years now. We are having a baby and getting married soon. He still makes me happy when I'm sad


Нааалите лайков чтоб иностранцы подумали что я тип чтот крутое написал.. (

İrem Gözel

Dude, you are perfect!

Martin Colin

I just played endless Ducker

dawid sadlak

How to a song

coronary sarcomere

Cody is cheating

For some reason

wilt aerowren

Could you this type of video for arrested development

mika rosin

Whats next ? "My dad is my lesbian mom ex wife?"


Do a exploding doll video next

Minä Olen Minä

Puhutteko Suomee

Cute Sylveon Kid

Not the rage monster...

Julie Reeves

You didn't create addidas you would be over 110 years old

George Halas

You should do a vid with Lindor

Austin driver

Not you again.......

rajesh m


Eli C

Great Video like always

Isaac Martin

who else looked away when they said don't stare at Bigfoot


PAGAN MIN IS SO HOT, for an older man

Landon Resch

Anyone 2019?


show us every ending!

babu lal goyal

Your dad's are looking old but they are physically fit inside as tyler's father and tyler were so active

-from my people

Afsheen Sobia

I was born on November 3 too


As a toronto fan, im apalled by how these people cheered his injury. Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Speedy recovery to KD. 🙏

Santino Salazar

Over here watching in 2019

But diets are good to be a healthy human you need a good diet and proper exercise



I don’t understand what happened between the girl and her boyfriend. He was obviously cheating on her in ep 1 but she didn’t know that so why did they have a fight when she got back to the apartment and why did the boyfriend say he will take all responsibility?

It's like an Easter-ception.

Can I Ask You something?

Dreams are so Random.