Kapil Entertains The Audience - OYE FIRANGI SPECIAL

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Drew Nonya

Skaters are ballers

Timothy Brown

It was a tie Cory shouldn't of won he sucks

Eeman Suhail

so autistic people DO know they r autistic.

justin nee

Not that im hating but only 1000$? Mr beast would've done triple per person



makayla westmoreland

You preganet again with a 3rd child????????????????????/

Yamil Tarek

Wow man... I'm wordless right now, how I couldn't see all of that?! Congrats and keep making awesome content :3

Jessid Gallardo

MatPat missed the speed stat

Georgie Barber

On the Movie stereotypes ty your wife has the smallestbladder

MaRiah's Room123

Annie is the g.o.a.t

Dylan G.

Where's the Alien reference

Shanti Rajesh

panda is dumb

Faze DoubleM

Panda on that jet ski tho

Familien Tablet

Who is a fool?

nita mahdiana

I think that is germaphobia/mysophobia. I also have the same thing, and that's made me look so weird, cause i have to wash my hand after touch anything and take a bath for 1-2 hours, sanitize my phone after use it in a public place and change clothes around 5 times in a day

Bree L

Me too. Me too.

Precious Abang

Breakthrough 😍😍😍

Natasha Perrine

I am from UTAH and I snowboard

Super Dry

Floorball trickshots next?

Jonelle montoya

I lied to all my friends and made it up that I was not 3 months late but now I told them and they was very nice about it

Funtime pub 66 Vincent

One chance have a movie theater sit in the middle the middle is the best spot in the movie theaters🤪

Yes i am Ugly

My best score is 3 Beat That!

James Cotter

Had to like for that trust balloon shot xD

Stupid Face

tyrion doesn't have the scar till the battle at King's landing

Dylan Hocom


PG3D ËrRøR Sáńs

I forgot the name tho: I'm gonna give it a tossTy:I'm gonna be the boss let's get tiny

Hossainul Islam

wheres coby :( i want him to join racing

Undead Flickz


Savannah Clark

Ugh, wake me up with they come out with a sequel to Tangled.


Really man really

king DOWG

Not sure if it's in this video cos I can't be bothered to watch it but in the concept art of the remastered edition, this a 'Drive' easter egg with a poster of the mask from the movie in the some room.


Let’s be honest we all are sad inside

Abe Madriz

That joke about the tumor wasn't funny I'm unsubscribing 😡😫😭


Like if watching in 3021

Elias Jurvanen

Nice video again, Guru! Keep it up

Noah Seaner

I like what you did with the rules of the battle-You use "it" then lose "it"Can't believe I watched this video 6 times to figure that out

Jessica Ashanti

i love dude perfect

I wish I took all my families illness I swear I won’t regret it

Ya friendly neighborhood Satan

If you hide your face it's not as easy to recognize you

Jodie Marcellino

Yep firewatch was so great I still listen to the Ost sometimes. Great in everyway possible