kancolle transport escort fleet

Each phase in itself is similar to normal non-Combined Fleet combat.
Depending on the map, this will either be part of a phase of the map, or it will be considered complete once the transport operation is complete.A: Click the red cross in the corner to hide it as completed.S Type Surface Surface Boss Surface Boss Abyssal CF Heavy Surface Surface Surface Surface heavy mixed fleet Heavy Surface Shimushu Easy A Easy A Kamoi Easy A Easy A Ooyodo Easy?Use for most cases.The main fleet will not take part in anything related to torpedoes.Italia, 2nd Vittorio Veneto-class Battleship KC/S42-075SP SP Foil Signed.00, prinz Eugen, 3rd Admrial Hipper-class Heavy Cruiser KC/S42-030.75, maritime Escort how does legalizing prostitution help the economy Fleet, Flagship, Kashima, Weigh Anchor KC/S42-073R RRR Foil.75, aim Well.

Forming a combined fleet in the fleet managing page.Contents, composition, combined Fleet icons: Surface Task Force (top Carrier Task Force (bottom).When an admiral is assigned to perform a transport operation, they will be assigned use a certain set of kanmusus to partake in transporting supplies to a certain location on the map.Combined Fleet Rengou Kantai?, currently only available during certain events) can be formed by viewing the second fleet, and then dragging the 2" icon over the 1" icon (refer to the picture on the right).Autumn Event of 2014, and the, winter Event of 2015 but with revised mechanics, and has continued to appear in events since.Q: How does ToDo mode work?Maximum of 2 Fast BB, maximum of 3 of CT/CLT/CVL, maximum of 3 SS (cannot be the Flagship).The Carrier Task Force Kidou Butai?
Adding quests back still works the same.
Speed Improved "Slow" BB/BBV (Must be improved using Turbine and Boiler Combination to go Fast to be allowed to be used in Escort Fleet) Surface Task Force Main (fleet 1 Minimum of 2 of a combination of CL/CLT/CA/CAV/BB/BBV Maximum of 1 CV or 2 CVL.