Kagojer Nouko (HD) - Superhit Bengali Movie - Victor Banerjee - Soumitro - Rajesh Sharma - Bidhat

Download the app now and share it with all the asli fans :to Shemaroo Bengali - Nouko is a superhit Bengali movie starring Victor Banerjee,Soumitro,Rajesh Sharma,Bidhata. The movie has been directed by Partho Sathi Jourdar. This has a gripping plot line.Watch more of your favorite Bengali directors, actors and actresses movies like Satyajit Ray, Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen, Soumitra Chatterjee, Sharmila Tagore and others only onConnect with us on :- Facebook - - us on Pinterest - Circle and follow us on Google+ - up for Free and get daily updates on New Videos, exclusive Web Shows, contests & much moreus your feedback and suggestions at : connect@shemaroo.com

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Jules De Castro

I tried to tell my parents that I have bipolar disorder for the nth time and they keep on telling me that it is normal for people especially girls like me to have ups and downs, being moody and irritable. When I was 14 I know I am different but they say it's only out of my uniqueness. My mania is just being immature, while depression is being foolish because of my suicidal thoughts. But then I got the courage to go to the doctor by the age of 21. They were still not convinced something is going on. The next year I showed them my medications and diagnosis now they were saying it's just a bluff created by psychiatrists to earn money. I need help, I don't really know how would I let them know on what's really happening.



lmao! The closeup death of the rat gunner was hilarious! PETA is going to have my nuts for laughing at that =p


all that...for that....

Sworn Dungeons

Really running out of pokemon ideas huh? That looks like mareep, (oddishish), croconaw, and murkrow

Sheena Angelie Enriquez

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Andrew Harvey

To make things even easier for you, the Infamous 2 Demo has the same titles as the full game, so you don't have to pay money. I respect your opinion though, so if I make one (if you don't want to) can I have your permission to make it?

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Shannon will poop on anyone that Shannon "feels" is getting anywhere close to or surpassing LBJ in any scenario & statistic. Just like the flip-flops Skip gifted Shannon, Shannon will be a "fan" of a NBA player not named LBJ & praise that NBA player but as soon as those NBA Championship rings start to pileup, more than 3, for that NBA player Shannon flips & flops against that NBA player not named LBJ. If Skip didn't "hate" #2, Shannon would be flip-flopping on Kawhi also. Shannon is a "fan" of KD & Kryie during the NBA's regular season but when it looks like those 2 are going to the NBA Finals without LBJ on their team, Shannon flips that "hater" switch.


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Best Easter egg YouTuber ever even if you don't post often waiting for your content is always worth it. Thanks for your awesome Easter egg vids keep em going! :D


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They should have gotten waka waka for this lol

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The Rageaholic

For the Halo 2 one you could have just super bounced or use a banshee. If you had used a banshee or super bounce you could have shown the scarab gun aswell.

Røsé Denson

im pretty scared to watch this video,all i did is pause it,Because it reminds me of my sister that has bipolar

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Some Of You Are Dumb ...The Ball Curved To The Basket

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3:29 he looks like Luke Cage


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