2018 EducationConnection Commercial - Kids - 15 seconds

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What's up with the "just found God" music?


this is so funny. she came out to her parents as a homophobe my god

Advanced Garbage

7:51 i see what you did there, clever dood

Fggg Rrfc

I think I have BPD too.


I a warriors fan fav player is Stephan Curry and Clay Tompson and Dramont Green


You didnt even dick's sporting goods in the description...

CharterCent does Youtube


D@b police

On one of the basketball shots I don’t think you meant to do that

Alyson Denmark

#12 on trendy !

5 minute satisfaction satisfaction

Dude perfect versus Avengers

N Owl

I used to and still am to an extent the anxious type. I had on and off love from my mum as she has and still has very stressful work; as a result would fly off into rages up about the littlest of things. These rage usually ended in her hitting, kicking or smacking me, only after verbally abusing me and telling me at the ages of 4, 5, 6 and 7 that I was a failure both as a person and as a daughter. At the time I believed her.


The happy feet one killed my childhood

Stanley Willis

KD should had never been out there. Shame on him for listening to many people. I feel for him. The NBA need you more than any championship. That's the business part of what I am speaking of....

That1CoolKid4 4


Vanessa Acevedo

Weon de tanto que la ponen o escuchan en todos lados terminaron matando la cancion ya es como chato escucharla :/

David Tan Yik Chuan

It is remaster right? Not HD version correct? Hope it can the love like FF7

Gael Valdez

Ezekiel Elliott

Kokosei J

WTF WAS THAT?!!?!! me sO cONfuSioN

Draxx Gaming

You need a pet...such as a dog or a cat... you know what you guys are rich get a dinosaur



Mr. Cuddle


SleepyJazz _Plays

I'm so sorry...

SamTheMan 513


alexianaya 14

How didCody Get hurt

P.S. I’m a Fan if the GTA series.


Epic Store: exists

Honkey Monkey

How many times did you hit panda

Juan Uribe

Que crack

Jennie Kim

There are more Valuable things than getting Money 😔


He back :O

Jeff Sison



Thank god I was born in South Korea u can actually leave the country and now I live in Australia

HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖❤️💜💛💚💙🧡💜❤️🧡💚💙🧡💜❤️🧡💖❤️💖❤️💙💜


4 the gaymers

isabelle j

ayeee is possibly one of the least problematic rookie groups i stan

lukas j

mr.toots was the best

Gabriel Gutierrez

Benicio del Toro = Johnny Knoxville

Me:I'm jealous

Justin Y.

It's coming home

Gabriel Gleason

Mat I'm sill waiting on that Black Mirror: Bandersnatch theory......

Tanator Beast


Dat_Spicy _Boi

whats wrong with hoodies HMMMMM??!!?!

Ty and Cody like


The way she said "no no no, this can't be true!" reminded me of how I reacted when my grandmother called the house to tell my grandfather that my uncle passed away. Everytime I wake up for school, all I can hear is my grandmother tell my brother to call 911 and watch her give my uncle CPR. I'm scared to lose my grandparents now ☹️


That actually is a boat

Ty Tries

tylers face at 4:42


i think the amnisia one is a pewdiepie ester egg

Lee Nicho

1 million in less than 2 months, not bad, so how much do you get for that then, just out of curiosity...? (For anyone thinking about starting a channel...!)