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¡Hola amiguitos, Bienvenidos a Videos para Niños! Hoy nos divertiremos mucho Aprendiendo los Colores con las Princesas de Disney a buscar el Vestido y color correcto, este video de caricaturas infantiles será muy divertido..Si te gusta este video por favor dale Like, Compártelo y Comenta qué es lo que más te ha gustado. Gracias y Saluditos!

lmdor f

Cards all the way

Evie Clifford

I have anxiety too. I'm only 12 so it's hard. I worry about everything. I'm in foster care so it's harder. But I still live a good life 😊

ladeys man 225

I wonder how the creators feel watching this


omg so scary xD

GDCosmo owo

Good song. It's like hearing a sad song

Fatima Durmišević

I'm so sory for your life.

Nadia Miller

Do part 3

worthless :]

dude i relate to this except when he died i’m so sorry:(

jiggi gigg

What did it say?

Lynxy gold crocodile

I have subscribed for you

Brody’s Life


Monica Garcia

Poor guy I feel bad

My dumbass brain- wait so are they Mormon or something

Wiffle Ball boys

U should do hockey trick shots like if u agree

Pink Gang

Tyler is annoying

Chris Padgett

No reptile from mortal kombat ?

South X

8:52 if you follow the question mark on the wheel you will see it repeats and they have montaged the whole thing!!

Super Billy Channel

+1 if you watch it in 2019

Aakash Ravi

The jumbo curve is my favourite shot

Wibi Firmansyah

Trending 17 in Indonesia

Nina Sim

description: BECOMED? i don't know if it is a joke

Razsha Rosales

2020 anyone 😗Me neither 😂


Wtf she should have called the police or something...