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He’s been cheered and condemned, boosted and banned… and now he’s at ideacity to offer perspectives from the front lines of the political correctness battleground. Professor and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson believes that no matter how controversial, we must recognize the importance of free speech – particularly on college campuses.

Bobby Caffrey

sirkiewies go to the link hgZLjbHTit0 and go to end of the vid. the car damage is so realistic. the stuff on instagram is BS.

Jenna ahh

teddy has entered the chat:

Miss Peachy

Anyone else a teenager but still super hyped for it?? 😊


Zachariah Moss

Where is cory and no win coby?

Bran Summer

I find peace in here 😊

Raman Singh

I like best rage monster😂😂😂

Zachary Rodriguez

Aye go listen to my brother on soundcloud @ypc hotboy

Oscar Andersen

WTF?!?!?!? 2:19

Miles Quinto

The mom looks like a Karen

Logan Livingston

Lmao just use the coffin in things betwixt at the beach with the two orcs

Travis Liang

they should play a game of HORSE!


mist has the same affects as weed 😎.

Dylan Olsen

Chargers should

yoni kl

And the cake

Diamond Matrix

hey dude perfect I just have one request from you.can u subscribe to my channel please.

Thomas Martin

anyone else get a freaked out feeling after the black ufo scene

So it's probably fake.


Hey guys that was awesome !!! Keep up the good work

•pha• haircut•

Are you from Thailand?

Black Magic


Hammad Iqbal

I want golf battle 4

Hank Crosby

She didn't really lose control, she just bumped into someone


Interesting comment section. Arguably more "New Amsterdam" jokes in here than "Trump wall" jokes.


Geez where has Luke been hiding at??? Good to see him in one of these again!!

Natarater Uppy

Coby And Cory won so it counts as a win

Beth Halpain

Love you dawg!

AMATEUR While most of my classmates got a phone at 9 and I got my first phone at 13....

Noah Thelittlebro

All the real Rabil OG fans know why he is wearing high shorts

grady_dancing_boy !

At 3:59 there was a pencil in the net cause they missed

Brooke Marie

I have OCD but i like to call it CDO (because it needs to be in alphabetical order)

Madyson Marie M.

I don’t fear death I fear where will I go after heaven, hell, or a never ending blackness of nothing will I see my past loved ones or will I be all alone in blackness that will never end



G King

I'm so proud of Rachel, I didn't know she started working behind the camera <3


That was awesome


holy shit that katana is sharp.

Shucks Delwas

A lot of the Cremaster Series by Matthew Barney is very ASMR-like. Especially in #3, there is a scene with a kitten and a piece of string slowly rubbing against a metal rod. Just sayin.'

Lucy Juarez

I loved the bigest sling shot


Panda will win lol

Ps : Next time the 100th episode of the serie :)

Zombie Gangster

Cory in the house is my favorite anime too