John Titor The Time Traveller From 2036 - Time Travel in Urdu

Time Travel in Urdu, John Titor The Time Traveller From 2036.

Lieutenant prism

9:08 bro why would you only put girls there it can also be with guys

-Due to increased reports of flu-like symptoms in neighboring states, we recommend caution while traveling. And you did do alright, i remember my first time talking (not on my channel anymore, awful video) and it was very weird lol.

I am Tubyk


Tony Rame

This injury sets the stage for KD to resign with OKC for a minimum contract and get back to good health and try to win the 1st championship for OKC with Westbrook and Paul George.



Thanks 77777

Ann wakosy

No songs??For the 1st time in forever 😂


Asher Birkeland

Philly Cheesesteak

pilot 0674

This is why you don't fly American airlines or Aeroflot. They crash too much. Fly Iraqi Airways. They almost never crash, and haven't had a single death or incident in over 40 years!


Schön in die Deutschen Trends auf Platz 1 gekauft. 👍🏼


I got a leg tumor

To those who see it Black in this video. The doctor diagnose that you might be BLINDDD XP

Shannon Irons

Video is amazing and I like the music

Connor Playz

At 0:40 he didn't give us a name for the trick shots

Hope Medrano

You guys should have gone to gucci😂


I'm kinda of a psycho path


When can you reveal pandas head

Le Quack

I think they microwave their eggs

Haiden Mattson

there is no pressure in space so there is no sound (OO)


Elsa and Anna are back. Yay!!!

Thamara Balino

Keep doing the good work!i love you soooooooo much,stay humble!xoxo luv youuu


Finally! I've been waiting for this

Cydoni Trusste

The Arkham easter egg/reference was actually never found by a fan. Rocksteady put it there hoping to build interest for the next game in the series and spent months looking on message boards for the game but no one had found it, so in the end they had to post about it themselves before launch of City. The Scarecrow Easter Egg in City didn't seem to be as hard to find for some reason.

Caleb Thomas

tyler's rejected high-five at 2:40

Ji Hoon Lee

You know what would be more fun? If you would add some theories as to why the developers made those creepy easter eggs


“Hit or miss guess they never miss huh” ^

Karolina Staniaszek

Są tu Polacy?


Have you ever hear of WIND? Yeah it may have taken them many shots to get it right, but stop being so damn jealous about it!

The outrageous coach

Fraser Gaming Tv

<3 Love Everyone And Don’t Do This!

Umair's Awesome World


Dramatically Always

I am from Texas it is not a peecan it’s pcon

3 #Stay Woke


I really in love with animals and my dogs saved me from depression too


My dad smoke too. And my mom told him to stop, my dad said no, he said it because it's not 'cool'

Jorgin 123

Mi favorito es el golden glove

Coby: “I don’t want to get too high...”


I don’t know but I feel like this is fake who was driving the car huh.


0:41 brodie smith was so proud

Kalipso 653 Anthony blouin

Do you allé do it first Time please coby answer

Radeon Mask

Кто русский


Want to know how to get Hate?


You are literally a Easter Egg Hunter. A professional one.

Cookie Arrow

“The next story is something SO PERSONAL that not even my mom knows”


7:33 video after thousands of takes.

i came