Japanese Idol Girls Ruined by Marmite & Liqourice - YouTube

Head to head with Japanese Idols girls in a battle to the almost death, things get a bit unpleasant.Thanks to Kissbee Samurai Girls for taking part in the mayhem.► thanks to Marumori Town, Miyagi for the awesome mansion.Also thanks to Tohoku 365 for assisting in filming!►

Orlando Hill

Now KD is the best in the world??


—beats me in basketball 😂

Madeleine Metcalf

#YIAYjob Accounting, idk

Nico1089253 lara

So the game is that you have to supervise and you can be safe it that you have to go to the wanter ok getter now ok!.

They Grounded him and took his phone away


Please don't end... I love these.


I actually did read that teachers can't keep their class beyond the bell and it being illegal and it makes sense tbh

Twilight movie left the chat...


Hey, Ty, when I saw that slingshot video, I was wondering what that long pair of socks, or whatever else they are, would be. Please, tell me, what are those and where did you get em'?

Ben Bissell

#9 is the "Lost" smoke monster


The ending sucks!

Falcon & Cyko

Bernardo was the last cats name

 \ ()       )       \./  |\/| |_) |___ |___ |___ X X  \/  _|_ \       (       (_) /

Itachi Uchiha

Director: so how much yellow do you want? No one ever wants to hear thoose heartbreaking words

Jose Blazes

holy balls..that was sexy

Mr. Zecmew

Why water are Green?

KooL KeitH

What's up with NY and helicopters lately. They really need to get them inspected. RIP to that one person that passed away...

Comb USA

Where was this filmed? Can't find the answer online help please.

will not inherit the kingdom of God?

Cecilia Oliveira

i didnt understand the four

Leidy Valentin

I think that Coby looks like Shawn Mendes just saying no hate


Do you perfect I am a huge fan of you please give me something

Dacreepa99 Gaming

yay lacrosse i<3 paul rabil

Laura Grace Peek

Chad you look like Rob gronkowski

Dámaris Cabello Martín

Que buenos sois

like if u agree

They deserve Artist of the year

terry Plata

Im so happy from the bottom of my heart to be a part of my Ace 👪 family i love u all so much god bless u all

Victoria Blackwell


[Wizo McNeil]

3:37 HOLY SHIT! What kind of sorcery was that!?!🙀

RSB Videos

The British accent just tells me it's BS. Never trust anything a Brit says.

Dech Nourtide

That last one had to be the best. I mean, I was expecting something like music to play or something.

Sophie The Cute Little Unicorn

Thanks for a like

Im offended

Arnau Àlvarez

He Made It!

Keisuke Miyagi

i want to see a HEAD SHOT


the way emma was staring at ethan at 30:39<333



For all the dumbasses fighting in the comments‼️🤝

Bish cancer isn’t for people who are 50, like cancer happens to children (including my friend Jenna who survived luckily) it happens to everyone no matter how old you are.


Dat Noob

Who is the panda

Twitch Stream

nice punt

Philis Phil

Fuck yes I love your channel