Provided critical logistical support to the war effort.
August 17-18 wwii, 1940 Sea War, Mediterranean: British naval vessels bombard Bardia and Fort Capuzzo, Libya, and shoot down 12 Italian bombers sent to attack them.
What are they doing to assist in defending Okinawa?The Third Reich, 1943 Holland, Technology The Rotterdam Radar, as it was known, falls into German hands after being taken from a crashed British aeroplane near Rotterdam in Holland.43 Maryland was kept out of the war following the kamikaze attacks.June 21 The Third Reich, 1942 North Africa, Libya: The British retreat into Egypt, losing Tobruk to the Afrika Korps following an intense battle to the south of the port.The downside to convoys were the delays involved: waiting to assemble; taking a common, but often longer route; reducing speed to match the slowest ship, and delays in unloading because of congestion.Confederate cavalry moving into the Shenandoah Valley are attacked and routed by Union cavalry at Moorefield.Kugel, Herb (May 2, 2017).The British launched their infantry attack at El Alamein, but found the German minefields harder to clear than they had foreseen.
Eisenhower considers the problem and phones Leigh-Mallory later that night.
Covered by Expert rearguard actions of IV Parachute Corps, the German Fourteenth Army pulls back across the Tiber River.

The battle of Marais des Cygnes/Trading Post.Jan'43, Feb'43 Battle of Bismarck Sea - March 2-4 Battle of Komandorski Islands - March 26 1944.Utah beach is the target of the US 4th Infantry Division (part of the US VII Corps Omaha Beach is the target of the US 1st Infantry Division (Part of the Uorps Gold Beach is the landing site of the British 50th Infantry Division (part.Charles Triebel was credited with sinking 13 ships to total 83,300 tons.Sherman has divided his forces in two, making it difficult for the Confederates to effectively oppose the two-pronged Union advance.The Union frigate USS Kearsarge cornered the raider in the port of Cherbourg, France.Longstreets corps becomes muddles with Hills, and Longstreet himself is shot and seriously wounded in the shoulder by one of his own side.The garrison, policy change in prostitution in the netherlands after destroying the city (the Rape of Manila is wiped out.He announces that the armistice terms have been accepted.Presents are 12 ministers, responsible for labour, health, war transport, food, fuel and power, plus representatives of the War Officer, Air Ministry and Admiralty.The elimination of the pocket is essential to the crossing of the Rhine.
Some argue the Allies would have lost as there would not have existed the means to carry the personnel, supplies, and equipment needed by the combined Allies to defeat the Axis powers.
The Civil War, May 6-7, 1864 Virginia, Land War: Port Walthall Junction.