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I Worked Out Like Chris Hemsworth For 30 Days! I took on the workout challenge to train and diet like Australian actor Chris Hemsworth from Marvel's "Thor" and "Avengers Endgame". The body transformation and workouts were insane and I saw amazing results in just 30 days! *This video is NOT sponsored*Subscribe to my channel! and turn on POST NOTIFICATIONS! Follow me: Hemsworth's Centr App: Workout I followed: to: for filming locationSong: Ikson - Sunshine (Vlog No Copyright Music)Free Music I use! Camera Gear from B&H Photo: Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2019

Annabelle Chiken

So this is about J.K Rowling

Scar 7138

I honestly kinda am emotional about this video cause my dad left me but after my mom told me how he drank a lot and got married and had more children and I got over it but I still remember all though I never knew him I can still imagine him with my family as I’m a baby then leaving like nothing

Maksymilian Wilson


The Doctor

I meet one everytime I look in the mirror

Jen Zimmermann

Ihr seid so geilllllllllllllll

Don't put pressure on yourself


I liked the Mio in the vice grip

Leif Stevens

panda ambush

dan kovač

And then russia happened



Really why do u guys have a samurai? Creepy

Beast Triumph

U are a strong beautiful girl

Staff Morale Increased

Ana Viveros


Lori Milam

I needed this video. 7 miscarriage and I'm over it. My husband and I said if it doesn't happen. It just doesn't happen

lennon c 123

Tye looks like his dad so much


Say what the HELL you want,,

Kim Chung Lee



Loved the ending

Almaz Ali



He doesn’t seem like much of a jerk

cuz guru's voice was so calm!.

Code Orange Films

High to low, the “yeah” lasts longer than Garrett has his mouth open


The clumsy waiter and rage monster is weird acting. I don't know. This is a great video!

lord james

i almost starved to death because i was depressed you almost starved to death because you wanted to look slimmer

Grim Baseball

My brother plays soccer there now


Ah that music tho.P.S. 2018 anyone

Ali Mujtaba

Can any one tell me from where we should bye it

Monique F

Peach mermaid set is amazing! Love the floral that Jen loves too. Commenting while watching lol HAHAHAHHA

Diego Fadel

Before you marry someone, give them a slow computer

A pitsa Plees

Yeah I don’t think that actually happened

senthil nathan

Super awesome 👍👏👍👌


Studies have shown that humans fear the unknown, which is why we are scared of darkness, which can explain why we are afraid of death, as we don't know what happens. Do we be alive again with no memory? Do we simply stop existing? Or do we go with a higher being? Strange...

Katlyn Nguyen

You forgot one the loud music player


You'd be screwed playing with the bowling pro player. He'd win every match with a strike