I Went From a 5 to an 8 in Maths in Weeks Revising Like This | GCSE - YouTube

Hey everyoneSorry I've been a bit absent this week believe me when I say it has been pretty rubbish, I've done my best to get a useful video to you which I hope can benefit you in the weeks running up to any upcoming mocks. I really struggled with GCSE maths until the last few weeks when I worked out this system, which made maths surprisingly easy. As with all my videos, I preach that the way to succeed with GCSE is get organised and its hard to go wrong. Thanks for watching - enjoy watching how I went from a five to an eight in literally a couple of weeks.Ellie-Jean☀️ I am a 17-year-old study-skills enthusiast. I go to a boarding school in England and I am sharing with you all that I have learned and am learning! ☀️ Contact 💻 🌼 other channel: blog: instagram: facebook: pinterest: quizlet: email: elliejeanroyden@gmail.comSpecific subject GCSE videos: English Language: Literature: you may have: ✨Q: Do you go to boarding school?A: Yes I board 6/7 nights a week Q: What year are you in?A: I’m 17 in U6 (year 13)Q: What subjects do you take at A Level?A: English Literature, History, FrenchQ: What do you use to film?A: A Canon 550DQ: What do you use to edit?A: Wondershare FilmoraQ: Do you think I can still get *insert grade here* if I start revising now?A: YES absolutely - keep working at it and you'll get there!!🌸Thank you for watching my videos! Please subscribe I am so grateful for your support 🌸

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