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1. Both series have a very well written cast of characters.

Sparkyyoo Wolf

God bless

Edilberto Peralta

I wantTyler

It's hard, and I just felt the urge to speak out about all those people who WANT a disorder for attention. Like I said, I wanted a disorder too. I told my friends I had "depression" and "anxiety". When I WAS diagnosed with OCD and anxiety, I was Happy. Then it just.. increased. It was all that was on my mind. I hate it, it's horrible, it's manipulating me into thinking I'm someone that I'm not. I haven't been myself for about a month.

Annie Chen

2018 or 2019


That one kid with orange hair

I knew it was checkers tall guy(Cody)


D'Angelo Russell looks good. 😉

Soumyajit Kundu

4 : 24 was the toughest shot

Zane Tailford


Crunchie Cookie

who knew that at 5:02 it says rage machine but at 1:21 it says rage monster ???

Hanse danse

Ok, this one with cabbages got me


"Act Like You Know"... this one should be Crysis 2


I think i am going to upload a new video after i get 100 Likes on the previous video, so I have just got Battlefield 3 and am filming some Easter Eggs. Could we get this to 100 Likes so i can upload the video. It takes literally one second. Thanks.

Sean Del Gallo

Check out my video Swish's 2nd Video and the third


I know this story! You were the girl that was in my book, you moved down hill and found someone. The next day he came and found you! Then helped you back to health!!! It was on the how to survive book!

Amanda Bankson

Cool fact: Rick was a college pitcher!

legosa NERO

You are so dumb


Wow cool


CoD killed itself by locking the Modern Warfare 1 remake behind a preorder instead of selling it standalone.

Caleb Lloyd

No gas stations at night haha


The dudes that clap at the end