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hey guys! today i have another haul video, in the past few weeks i’ve been going crazy and buying a ton of new clothing pieces, makeup products, etc. and i couldn’t wait to show you guys what everything was. i got stuff from princess polly, urban outfitters, brandy melville, dolls kill, ulta and more. i really hope you guys enjoy!!dolls kill: mentioned: (dolls kill) Atomic Splash Low Rise Bikini Bottoms (neon green, size small)Atomic Splash Bikini Top (neon green, small)Daisy Pickin' Mini BackpackTru Love Delias Tee (black, small)Lilac Cutie In Command Velvet Dress (Lavender, Small)Forget Me Not Babydoll Dress (Floral, Small)Power Of Love Baby Tee (white, small)Sk8ter Girl Crop Top (rainbow stripe, small)follow me:@zhirelle- instagram- twitter- snapchat- vscosubscribe & become one of my best friends!:)haul, try on haul, summer haul, a huge haul, zaful bikini haul, princess polly haul, a huge haul from a cancelled company, desmadona, brandy melville, urban outfitters, ootw, high school haul, back to school clothing, spring clothing, clothes for summer

Stan BTS

Am I the only one who thought that this sounded like a kdrama? 😅


Emma Thacker

Literally she could have turned her notifications and vibrate off...

Brandon Jones

since when has Vigil had an american accent?


I.....i.....i dont like another counrtys

Super Mario Plush Bros S.M.P.B

Every power Ranger ever PLZ

Tim Le scolan

Things to remember:

LPS Velvet Muffin

This is what my friends did to me. I’ve never really had the best of friends.


more like dude pringle

Amber Villanueva-Andaya

Tyes beard is making him lucky

Christy McDonald

Team necklace!!!!

Merv Clarsberg


_ WavySweat_


Mandy Hurley

Awsome mess

Rey S

I fell in love when I was 3

Kate van Rooyen

This is actually relatable

PKA Replay

Have you ever put easter eggs in your videos?

Baim DX

March 2019??

Chenelle Beauty Tv

I never liked helicopters. They seem so fragile..

gigi doodlesss

these story are sooo fake

Matthew Van


SonicRo007 Cringe and bad videos


hemant ramchandani

it really awesomestever n ever n ever

Girl I can’t even Count How Many Woo-pens I would get

Daylen Graham

Omg i love this vid never stop doing this plz plz plz this is beutiful

Isabelle 3

Part 2??


Wonder how much those TV teeth costed all of them

* Draws red hair *

Fandom Trash

plus bioshock 3 that easter egg isint hiden !

Doremus Family

At :10 yeahhh about dez bryant

Jack Glaser

Thanks MinuteVideos for another great video! Apply any/all to a current "movement" today.


ahh black flag..... what a superior game

Josh JeanJacket Jaeger

3:23. HE KNOWS

AutisticChicken 7

2:04 is me

Alyssa Peace