Legalising would bring about better working conditions and better wages for the sex workers by eliminating middle men such as pimps.
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Legalization of prostitution will control the sex industry.
This will further generate income as sex workers will be Liable to pay tax and it would also enable the government to utilise that money back into the profession and this will also help in protecting the rights of the sex workers and thus helping.Legalising prostitution will see these women, who live life on the edge everywhere, gaining access to medical facilities, which can control the spread of aids.The sex workers are themselves taking steps to combat with aids in some brothels in India for example sonagachi a brothel in Kolkata; where the sex workers are insisting their clients for use of condoms in order to avoid aids.There are many woman and girls who are working in this profession against their will.Prostitution is the sale of sexual services, such as oral sex or sexual intercourse, for money.Though in cases like Gaurav jain.Allegedly some persons were found there who had committed offences under the ITP Act.India is in Mumbai and Kolkata respectively.If illegal what section be applied on filing the case?This has brought about a mixed response and gave rise to debates where a handful of people were in support of legalising prostitution and rest of them strongly opposed the same.# Adequate publicity, through print and electronic media including child lines and women help lines about the problem of those who have been forced into prostitution.So many activist groups in India are also in support of legalisation of prostitution.(1) Any person who keeps or manages, or acts or assists in the keeping or management of, a brothel, shall be punishable on first conviction with rigorous imprisonment for a term of not less than one year and not more than three years and also.Economic prostitutes phone numbers south africa causes include poverty and economic distress.

In the last three years, she has serviced up to six clients a night.Arguments against legalisation, legalisation of prostitution will lead to legalising and acceptance of the very concept of sale of womens body.Laws related to prostitution in India: Suppression of Immoral Traffic in Women and Girl Act -1956.The last hope left for them is Judiciary.Those against legalisation feel that only brother owners and pimps will benefit and women will continue to get exploited.The accused, a 39-year-old resident of JP Nagar, was booked by S Ayesha, the inspector of Women and Narcotic Drugs squad of the CCB.These above said activities play an integral part in prostitution itself and outlawing them indirectly makes prostitution illegal.Itpa also mentioned that the Government is obliged to provide rescue and rehabilitation for any sex worker who requests for assistance.The poor and illiterate families and slum areas which still form a large part on India treat girl child as a big responsibility and burden on them and legalising prostitution will make such families push women into it as its easy money.