Some think that it would lower and control the crimes but just because prostitution is legal, that doesn't stop women from getting abused, robbed or even killed.
Legalizing prostitution would give many drug addicts another way to benefits of prostitution sell or make money for their habit.
I understand that the neighbors of a zone jakarta girl escort where prostitution in the street is practiced suffer a lot.
Its really dirty, noisy and dangerous.They would have to prostitutes heathrow airport go into retirement sooner than any other occupation.When I was studying in the university (I think it was 20051 my teacher of Penal Law went to the Congress of Spain to report about the necessity of legalizing prostitution in a manner similar to the Netherlands.But punishing them just makes the prostitutes more prone to being raped or hit.There are many ethical and economical reasons as to why it shouldn't be legal.It isnt illegal, either.General (1 matching dictionary prostitution in Andorra : Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia home, info).Continue, find out more.These diseases are spread by sleeping with multiple partners and they are some of the most feared and fatal diseases.1 Although the final report didnt come until 2007: /public_of.But they didnt achieve anything.But the political opinion was contrary to that and the Congress members gave more credit to an association which brought false data about the number of prostitutes in Spain (they said that they were more than 400K when all the other experts called for.
In Spanish we call this concept alegal, out of law.
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From time to time, the police makes a raid in an illegal brothel and free the prostitutes forced, but they dont give them alternatives and most of them are foreigners which makes them fall prey to another brothel very soon.One reason I believe prostitution should not be legalized is that it would spread venereal diseases more easily.We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website.Many prostitutes become addicted to drugs and use their wages to pay for their habits.Another reason to not making prostitution legal is because of the sophisticated retirement systems needed for these women.It means that it is not regulated by laws but it isnt forbidden either.

In addition to these reasons I believe that prostitution would intensify racial segregation.
There is also no way to keep young ladies away from this profession and by legalizing it we are telling children that its okay.