Irish War of Independence in 12 Minutes

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mukeshkumar arya

dp you are

Jaden Moore

In the intro look at cobe closely

Odile Lemus


DM Risky

Why did he say this was the new office

Noor Maes

frustration file politician sensitive excuse for grip scientist discussion chop fourth.

Niamaya Rasmussen

This made me cry. Like if the same happened to you


Ty ''never got a ticket in my life" Cody " That's not true!"😂😂

Optimistic Shinobi


Well, I just only hope that you keep on making such amazing contents and keep touching the lives of people like this.


I feel like Kojima makes the easter eggs, then designs the entire game around the easter eggs.

Crimson strawberry

That ending got me :(


Easter Egg n°1: Really? The anime? Not the manga?

sara roodhuizen

just soo you know the nl is great and very open

Kim Hughes


Isaac Rovenko

Let me guess. You did not know Unicorns crapped rainbows?

Jelaine Raven Cabadato

Where did you guys meet jk rowlin? And how did you guys get her voice

LDL_r_ElliS 7

I’m a smuggler

mathias havaas

So we finally get to discover where Elsa is truly from? I'm hella excited!


So that's how Kevin Hart feels?

super awsome unicorn squad!

I can't tell

Tasnim Ismail

Dude perfect rules