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(Visit: The quality of life is as important as the quantity. Eli Puterman explores the health benefits of physical activity. Any exercise matters but more isbetter.Series: "Mini Medical School for the Public" [Show ID: 33475]

Anthony L.

Well I wish I could just leave.... but nah it’s too hard

Nina Loves Alex Band

Is it even possible to be alive and 0 pounds.....I don't think so


This easter egg is only for xbox

FankBank Thunderr


John Heintz

you should be in the nba

Seth Smiley

I'm the creepy pickle guy😂😂😂

Science Kid

i'm thinking about how many easter eggs you find...


Rip Off?, Seriously?, A Troll like you should have better ideas, And i NEVER seen an good art Style like this, Cmon Troll, Have better ideas.

But what if you get run over by a car?


George is trying to be superman lol

Mary Katherine Simrell


Lachlan Keller

How it feels to chew 5 gum

Steamy ray Vaughn

The bowser pendent is in the manga to


Only 5 Months ... Not Next Time !

Nala Stockwell

Half the population only showers once a week. I try to do it twice, one of those times I wash my hair. But seriously with hair like mine it takes an hour or longer so it's difficult to always have time 😂

Janny and Me

Freedom & Strong!

Maxine Bramhall

Merry Christmas and I am going to be a few days and I am not sure if you are the first time to the first time to the first time to the first time to

Jerry Swenson

The Jerry part was a little insulting because that's my name

Sean Allison

12:29 I think it would've been awesome if you when you overlooked the area, it was closer to the cabin UFO Easter egg so its like you are seeing it from 2 different viewpoints



I'm soo 🤩🤩 excited for you both to see your Precious Baby 👶 for the first time today!! I enjoy the updates to with your new journey y'all are on ❤️❤️ Klaudija Gacha :JAZZ HANDS!!!!!


The more I get into archery the more I realize how unimpressive these shots are. Give the bow to a beginner and eventually they'll do the same.

KayTheDragon87 Gacha Gamer

I actually found this sweet 💙