in this moment i can be your whore shirt

Come a little bit closer before we begin.
You probably thought that I'd never escape.
Lemme tell you how merb escort I want.I'm the girl you're thinking about.So come on and tell me, Can you fly like you're free.You love me for everything you hate me for.Chorus, the, that's a look on, i am the dark you created.You don't know how hard I fought to survive.Cause I need to feel, yeah, I need to say, i must confess, I'm addicted to lust.You probably thought I wouldn't get this far.Let me see you live before you die.I'm the one that you need and fear.You love me, you want me, you need.Right here, right now, adrenalize.
Music, love and sex, adrenalize me, i crave excess, Turning wine into sweat dripping down my neck.

I'll have you down on your knees.And exactly what I need, i'm here for one drug, i'm only here for one thing.I know just what that means, i can be, I can be your everything.Adrenaline and sex, we have to live before we die.I'd be a rat in a cage, I'd be enslaved in this place.Come into my dream, are you ready to awaken?You local live sex thought I'd end up in the back of a car.Waking up all alone when I was left to die.
I'll have you begging for more.