Imran Khan Big Offer to Nawaz Sharif | Sabir Shakir Analysis

dir="rtl"شریف فیملی پلی بارگین کے لیے تیار ۔۔۔؟ اگر پلی بارگین ہوتا ہے تو شریف فیملی کو کتنے ارب ڈالر دینے ہو گے ۔۔؟ Senior TV anchor associated to With the Largest media network ARY News & host of the programe The Reporters! Bureau chief in Islamabad#SabirShakir

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I only say that because there are so many questions like that on so many old videos

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Whose watching in 2019 🤣😂😅


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guru, could you please tell me what you record your videos with and render settings and all that, it looks amazing!

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Seriously,I wonder what she's like during her periods.

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whats the song !

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Im just here to watch and tell rett that ignore the dislikes because you know what i think your awesome and even if im the last person left to watch this show i wouldnt change my mind, keep it up i love every second of your show

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A new and exciting series, can't wait Guru!


وين العرب العربي لايك

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1:25 that is actually the best oj you can get


Anyone watching this at the end of 2015?

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