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But the more people who do, the less money they get. It's not fair.

Kay t

It's easy to tell someone to love themselves when all they do is try to but fail and still hate themselves

Sureiya Shahzahdi

Cool video

Steve Spears

Really Steph is playing great is Batman THERE no robin LOL

Everything In The Rain

It's because Naughty dog doesn't own his rights anymore. That's why Crash wasn't in playstation Allstars. Same with Spyro.

fikri Sulaeman

Bayak bacot

Parker Karvelius

3:20 gar celebrated too early.

FuckYou PayM3

He shouldn’t have played regardless of what his Hoe ass team thought

Zac Moran

Yous are so cccccooooooollllllllllll

Then again it has nothing to do with mirrors edge so it would be out of place in this video.

Dev Man


Tigers fan 1987




LINK in Park

the first easter egg reminded me of gravity falls, when Soos freed the inflatable ducks

Myranda G.T.

My mom is the texter

Michelle Sithole

We all thought we were ugly cz of our high school


Guru, do you think you could make a video about Easter eggs on Finding Dory? When it comes out.


(when Johnny Manziel was less of an idiot)

It's not like a normal cancer but it's a type of easy curing cancer. I had long tick and straight black hair. I needed chemotherapy to survive. I lost my beautiful hair that i adored. I couldn't do anything, i was helpless. Soon it will be 10 years since end of my chemotherapy. Now i have long straight dark brown and half as much thickness.

Nevin The Stapler King

If you notice in 1:13, the points bar in the top right corner is Duane doing his killer ass dance.


amazing episode ! : ]


This dosent seem real,but it is....I feel so sorry for her,she stayed strong and brave. You go gurl! You can be brave and strong FOREVER! =D

Parita Patel

Park steryotypes

kevin voorn

Also There Is A Book Called American History By H.Potter

SeanRai Bitsinnie

who is the panda!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) and more paint ball

Gavin Leyba

Can you do a basketball again

Sarah Cymbaluk

he should het drafted to the Vikings

katelyn ast

so much yes


R.I.P Eggie.

2Bxndz1chopp a

Asher how do I get a boy to like me I'm not a boy I'm in my cousin account in YouTube

Liam Steinhardt

if only Kyle Busch was there


Does Kyle Lowry agree that all players who shove someone should also be banned for life?

Jashan Doshi

Who is the panda?

himo kadah

Start a patron we will support you a bit

Aglaja Schönenberger

I'm a Secure type

AllyIsh_HellaHungrу Meow

She really is a chick, one day she will become a chicken

Yee Yee on Barry Bee

“pepper pig”


you have a good eye guru