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Check out our latest video Idiots At Work Compilation! - *YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE!*, watch how future out of work employees slip, trip, fall and prank each other in the office and on job sites. Try not to laugh or cry! I have also included some cringe-worthy content for your enjoyment. Check out the best Battery Reconditioner on the market and start saving $$$$'s today! Recharges every type of battery! Limited time special offer!! ➡️➡️#workfails #baddayatwork Disclaimer: Some of these links go to affiliate links where I'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Alucard Voltaire

Its not a pterodactyl its a pteranadon

Erik Matheis Flores

Your channel is the Dark Souls of easter eggs channels

N00bgamerguy KING OF N00BS

The last one was clever


there are two beggars in Novigrad , they talk a part from Monthy pythons :"life of Brian" where jesus was cure him without ask before


I am the rage monster

— cadexx; ネオ

heehee same girl

I don't know what I thought

SN1PZ DarkRaven

It's funny that at 3:34 the custodian just so chill


This is half life 2 nod gmod he sounds like a 20 year old guy

Jose Najera

Soccer steriotypes

Eleftheria P.

I love you dude

Kakashi Hataki

Play minecraft

Joe Fetsko

tyler has the best rocket



Sulmy Sarceno

Who is your friend

Brandt Moritz

So heartwarming

Pooja Sharma

Who knew they can play music . well I thought only sports

Storie Tyme

Ya I’m going through this right now I’m only 10 thanks for support

Matthew Payne

how many times did it take them to do tht

Emma Staub

Where were they??


I bet you she's gonna try to impress him and put a bunch of time and work into things just to help.


Zak Higginbotham

Do another build a boat

Fortnite Battle royal

Yuvvyy &vyfvhvghjvyvyfvutfvutfcyufcyfcc


I hate the rams

It’s a proverb in my country talking about romantic relationship and marriage!

fire nation

I always love watching th bloopers hope they do more

chinmay Pai




Hayden Stone

Hey your uploads are special and there's no reason to be sorry because it's always a welcome treat to see you've uploaded a new video. Thanks for everything

Ester Besson

he now hosts meme rewievs

nichsieg640 SCS

The bow duncker

Dee Popscile

The thumbnail is showing a old man still pretending to be a yandree and acting like a 9 yandree

Maxfield Danson

is panda the camera man

galaxy unicorn

The freestylers in this video would be destroyed in a real football match.

River ruins

Huh?That's all I have to say.

Minato Arisato

Penguin Adventure

Tom Pritzlaff

Do something like that with the Packers go pack go

Verxity Clapz

Whether you want raptors or warriors to win we all want game 7


Mahi Mathur

January 2019?

Luciano Marx

Her to her lgbt+ friend: I don’t accept lgbt+ people

Jax YT

OMG garrett was big


how to drink Gatorade flavored Cody's balls


The fuck was the last one


these guys are fucking sick

Cameron Parrish

crazy shot... now how many times did it take you to make it?


bioshock 1 was in 1960 and 2 was in 1968

eightsaffron970 !!

you are awsammmmmmmmmmmmmmme please

It’s. Sim

“I can’t remember her age”

Michael Connell

Was not expecting a crossover with Shadow of the Colossus 😉

Na Huakuy

He is real life gambit!!!