Humne Jina Sikh Liya Full Hindi Movie 2017|| a school love story movie

Is movie me school ki love story hai jisme ladka ladki ko bahut pasand karta hai per usko bataane she darta hai per baad me vah himmat karke usko bta deta hai or ladki bhi man jaati hai .jisme ladka aapne mama she saari jaankari uske dost ke naam she leta hai or uske mama Jo batate hai usko khud us kerke ladki she apne pyaar karna ishaar karta hai.

1.Because she was 9 when her mum died


forgot the ninja turtles easter egg

Quan Nguyen

Is that ín from smosh

Sedef Bahtiyar

Y does this remind me of the friendship of Hannah Alex and Jessica from 13rw??

Free Fire

Ablo español

overall, i've seen much better and FAR more interesting easter eggs elsewhere.

Cheonie Oppa

I thought he broke up with her but this is worse :(

David Diaz

Ugandan knuckles

Best King

At 18:27 I thought it was her vagina.


@DCshoes35 look at the other view it bounces somewhere

Aiden sharifi

Tyler how did you’re model rocket blast off and break

Akshat Bhardwaj

Those boats are soooo fast

Dj jx

2:08 not a soul:


Rolling down the hill haha

Emmanuel Noel

My aunt contracted 30cm wide sorry aunty

Jack Thorsen

it was a flat ball tho so i couldn't bounce

Yennifer Ramirez

You are amazing

Zion Turner

He looks lik lonzo ball

Juicebox 36

I have a ps4 but never use it am I a gamer

Rhenz Jacinto

Exploding tv

RollerCoasterBen Cube


Sloth Sloth

Camp was so much fun!

Alyssa the channel reviewer

That's not bi-polar disorder...thats schizophrenia.

Braxten Hurt

you should do a all sports golf stereotypes

Gabriel Williams

Coby is my friend and I am the treadmill sprinter

That Guy

That voice was like butter.


This is so sad can we discriminate against women?

Hunter Williams

The team should battle each other at pub-g

Authenticando a vida

I'am from Brazil thanks forthe homage


29 march anyone

Hi Luk

They make enough money to destroy cars


you know... panda wasn't in either team because it wouldn't have been fair

God bless you 😇

Andrea Rangel

Kristin is so beautiful😍


wait what

Karly Paige

check out my most recent get ready with me here!

Abizar syahbinar

indonesia like

Gatcha Edits

Imagine that with knives.. DEADLY**

Jigger Lupio

The dancing tho 😍😍 im a huge fan of yours😍😍

The Walkers Edge

My wishes go out to you.

Comedi aga

kto ogląda w 2017 roku


Did Cory lose another wheel unfortunate where he had to carry his stuff in a all sports golf battle because that’s unfortunate


really? you didnt see the jak and daxter board game sitting right there? or what about the two jak and daxter toys on the bed in the bedroom then sir you need glasses

However, mine isn’t nearly that bad. I hope you know you are SO STRONG for putting up with this and being AMAZING :D

Donovan Brauner

Lool "Them donuts look tasty as shit"

Shemeem Shanavas

Film with Nicolas Cage :/

Marius Bender

man your freezer must be humongous

Heda Vanessa

I think shes stupid. sending naked pic isnt wrong but she should have known at first that he is the type of guy that has a probability of doing sth like that.

Me: Which public transport should I take today?

What a video and message that u can feel and relate to and so many others.


i had no idea bf3 had so many easter eggs


2016 BROOO ?!?!?🤗😎🤗

f2 jrxl


Aiko Akemi

The graphics are so cute!

Chimble, Master of Chimney

can't wait for Mirrors Edge 2

Rabia Asif


I sure can imagine some reddit-using cucks saying: "THIS IS WHY UR INCEL GO TO THE GYM AND BE CONFIDENT"

Ølivage A

A golf ball sized clot..? Girl I’m so sorry 😵

Nick Irvine


Grace Segreti

Hi tati!! i love you so much !! you are so kind and intelligent and hard working. You make all my days a little brighter :) thank you so much

Pot Head Media

Everyone's SCARED AF of Tony