How to Prep and Care for Snake Eggs!

Lots of info in this video! How to make a lay box, how to mix medium for snake eggs, and how to set the eggs up for success during incubation! In this video I show how I'll be using both vermiculite and perlite for the eggs in a little experiment.Music: &

Sean MA

My favorite episode of this show 🥰

Andrew Laba

94 skill points

Nic Mar19

Virtual Reality 2 2018!


And that's how chucky was born kids


that death row scene is from the green mile

Deondre Joseph

Aaron is the best qb in nfl history


Its ain't the same one.

Connor Hogan

The last one when the guy herd that the girl got 200$ the look on his face is like were the f is my money


Lol ''im taking a break no your not taking a break im taking a NAP"

galactic_ gAlaxy

guys can you do part 2???

Leila Alami

2019 anyone?

Dead Meme

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Donavan D.

I wouldve sent him a picture of me holdong a bible with a caption "Gods Child"😂 hey he didn't state what kind of pic



Nathaniel Bush


Jus_Tyler FromthaV

When Dan Retires They Can Put Zeke At Kicker 😂

Edit: I’m not being horrible I’m just saying if she ate and exercised in a healthy way, none of this would of happened.

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i wear underarmour and nike's shoes


This kinda reminds me of I Love Yoo

Quadra Quentine

I hate the tall guy only want 3

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The title of the video do3s’nt suit this video 👍🏻 if you agree

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Dennis W.

In your Guru Kid Outtro there is a scene from Game of Thrones

A lot she’s is in a better place.

2 Bros & A Little Lady

You guy need to make more stereotype videos

mikemations 13



Beware of the demonic bunny!


Idk, always been a fan of the movies since I was like 10 years old, and the brilliant sense of "adult"(or what some would call inapproritate) humor is what makes James Bond unique, imo. Always loved the movies and the humor, and personally I found the inapproriate moments thrilling or fun. But then again I personally dont mind what's going on in the scenes, I never viewed it as rapey, in fact James Bond oozes sex and dominance in a gentleman way imo, but I do understand that some women in general and maybe feminists might feel it is crossing a line, and that the special treatment of women is wrong.

Reuben Jeynes



you guys are so lucky i wish i could meet zeke

Im 100% different from my old self

Demi Obviously

That’s not what bipolar is my sister has is it it’s when you change your mood quickly so you can be happy then go upstairs and be mad

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The "Here We Go" was starting to drive me insane. jesus

MPB 727



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rhyan blogs

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gravity pulls objects down 9.8 m/s squared air resistance on the considerably light area would be enough to overcome the weight and pull it up at a certain point. Also accounting for the wind there would be a higher possibility to pull the trick off just off luck then other means like you probably think. What they had a string pulling the ball towards the net?

akram ouabid


Griffey Peters

Even if you only posted once a year, I'd be an avid viewer. Your videos ooze with quality. If a good video means you take time off for yourself, then the wait is worth it. Thanks for the uplaod Guru

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Dont forget Team GB is red white and blue

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plz make a new video about soccer plz

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I feel so sorry for your lost I know you would have a daughter that would be her and god would love to give you a baby


Or an awesome game like Far Cry 3

And he’s just now realizing he loved his parents.

Fam. de Hoop

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Keyza Simmer Simmer

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wait i thought 3 year olds dont understand the difference between boy and girl

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"And I am 15 years old and 5 months today"



Ched Fortnite

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Your worst nightmare

Anyone come from brightside?

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I hate how easy it all looks for them. I know they don't get it the first time but still

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we can't feel bad for you. you were supposed to tell the cops or the teachers you weakling

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Kermit and I have the same birthday feral twins 😍

savage superstar