How to practice split in a month| complete split - YouTube

an act of leaping in the air or sitting down with the legs straight and at right angles to the body, one in front and the other behind, or one at each side. We always think that this is hard or impossible task to do. But in fact it is not true. You can do the Splits like a pro within a month of proper practice. 1 month is safe and quick time to do the Splits without any harm. This video shows you how to do it. Follow these steps for a month and see the result.Like Share and Subscribe :) Thank you!

Matt Preston

Who is panda ?!!!

Harry Enfield

Mah body is ready

Jamison Tormey


Orrrrrr because you we’re happy that Catherine met JL (Jennifer Lopez$


We’ve got a black hawk down!

Spencer Gloger

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Guilherme lima Oliveira

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And what about porter could that b like porters x2 ray and wave guns????


Its a mod from the workshop on steam.


Be a bouncy ball, bounce back


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The bunny in Red Faction Armageddon is the same bunny that appears in Saint's Row 2 and 3, kinda obvious because volition develops both games.

Hallee Christensen

“Every time I gossiped about her and bullied her, it felt good because I know I had the power and that we were more than her.” AAAHHH THIS GIRL IS KILLING ME WHAT THE F** IS UP WITH THIS CHICK

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Andrea Scandale

Jamie Ben won every challenge

Tanner Hancock

I'm guessing you have an iFunny account?

M.B.N 71_3


Maccoy Holmquist

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Alexander Grocholski

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QuakeShake _YT

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Handsome Man

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ArcadeArtist _ Gaming


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Mona Alshammri

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Jessica Goff

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Nina Aiello

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Lies on lies

Prince Clickbait

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Vincent Loya

Cliff Bleszinski: Pretty fly

Kayla Murphy

Omg it’s j.k Rowling’s story, but she had her first idea for Harry Potter when she was like 6

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Admiral Spots

2:59 *Yoshikage Kira wants to know your location*

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Joane Marquez

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Gego/XAREN ゲゴザレン

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Josefina Almqvist

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Retarded Mario

To anyone who doesn't get the Lightning McQueen one....You know how they have eyes on the front window? The cars are like humans. If the 2 female fans (and everyone else) have their eyes on the front window....They'd need boobs SOMEWHERE....I hope you got it.


T.yoshisaur productions

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Ian in future(or Jeremiah/Jerome)


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Tyler your r such a beast I've watched every video u can make some sick shots

XxIRageAtGames xX

Guru u kinda forgot one on the pelican one if u have a banshee it will turn into a phantom just saying :)


Hopper and Eleven really reminded me of Joel and Ellie while watching the show

小C Yina



I never knew he wasn't a drinker, thats interesting and cool