How to Perform CPR video

This training video shows you how to perform CPR on an adult. Learn what lifesaving measures you can do to save someone's life with CPR. Dr. Williams show proper hand placement, compression ratio, and safety measures.


Why dose he have a pistol? 0:30

Ethan: taking pictures of some bad egg he found

dante shadow

Sup guru remember me? I love border lands, and this on going Easter egg!!!. so huge thx man for the vid. Ps/ exited for the next vid tomorrow:) keep up the great work!! :D

Apollo Yao

So you put easter eggs in your easter eggs videos.YO DAWG


Narrator: Draw red hair for the guy

super squidy

Are the bottles you smash in heads and stuff are they sugar or other thing I hope their not glass

Son gohan tV

came here from kai Greene

That ballin Boie

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Thanday Vlogs

Can you please give me the lyrics of this video


There's this one sorta Easter Egg/reference to Metroid in Blaster Master Zero, where you go underwater, and climb up a ladder(I think?) and You fight Mother Brain from Metroid.

missy rayne

I'm gonna find em all

gamimg ninja

If some rage monster broke my car i wouldill broke it to

The Nova

I was waiting for this! Gj guru

Mason playz

2:13 wasn’t Cody the guy that can always find his ball in golf stereotypes

Joud Aburashed

This is so much better then those actually happened channels

Sir. Proctor

Me asf walking

Eden Carre

Incentive that everyday better festival before dress extend most interpret intense sufficient.

Luke Awesome Luke / LAL

Awesome sauce

Jonathan Redecop

Part 2

Lina La


saintsone saintsone

She prolly a hoe


Maria Perez

rip silver bullet

Ahmar Marwat

Tyler is best

Michael Mariscal

Who's watching in September 17 2016

Teresa Caldwell

I like all of the dude perfect videos I like watching them a lot

Ninja Ullah

Who the hell is that bear


Who also watched the end of the video with the yee boy


Haha lol open the door BAM Fuck You that is nice


He deserves an old fashioned slap that would transfer him to a different reality and state of mind

Chelsea Thomson

I was born in Utah it was my favorite

Jonathan Rose

Even though San Andreas had a TON of stuff and a BIG map, Vice City was definitely my favorite GTA from the 3-D Era.


who was brought here because of frozen memes?

Shivnarayan Brahma


Freezing Jazzy

Blood And Wine Fused Together? Yeah Someone Might Get Aids

Patricia Murray

Gymnastics trick shot video


gta san andreas


You missed the Easter egg where this game gets good voice acting.

fortnite memes

wait what happened to the floor?

Harvey Dakay

ME!! I am your number 1 supporter

Thomas Ollard

1:47 In fact this line is for you Guru ^^